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Tickle in a sentence

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Synonym: amusecharmdelightentertainexcitethrilltitillateSimilar words: ficklesickletrickleticklishtacklehecklecacklechuckleMeaning: ['tɪkl]  n. 1. a cutaneous sensation often resulting from light stroking 2. the act of tickling. v. 1. touch (a body part) lightly so as to excite the surface nerves and cause uneasiness, laughter, or spasmodic movements 2. feel sudden intense sensation or emotion 3. touch or stroke lightly. 
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1) The bigger girls used to chase me and tickle me.
2) Does anything on the menu tickle your fancy?
3) I've got a tickle in my throat.
4) She gave the child a little tickle.
5) See if any of these tickle your fancy.
6) I tickle all over.
7) These rough sheets tickle.
8) He felt a tickle on the back of his neck.
9) I've got this tickle in my throat I think I may be getting a cold.
10) I think there's a bit of slap and tickle going on in the back of that car over there.
11) Gotcha,( Katie! Now I'm gonna tickle you!
12) She laughs and says his whiskers tickle.
13) Tickle him until he wets the bed.
14) By 8.00 I felt the first slight warning tickle.
15) Except for the tickle of the moustache.
16) An innocent tickle in your throat could have more serious repercussions if you sip the wrong syrup.
17) When I was little my older brother would tickle me till tears ran down my face.
18) Charity felt a tickle on the back of her neck as lightning split the air.
19) I've had this tickle in my throat for over a week.
20) So, if a tarantula could tickle your fancy, Ray may be able to help.
21) Hellmann's have introduced five new salad dressings to tickle our tastebuds which compare favourably calorie-wise with lower calorie mayonnaise.
22) First the owner starts to stroke the cat, tickle its ear, or gently rub its head.
23) Then she flung herself on to his stomach, squealing with delight, and he began to tickle her.
24) It is well-balanced and full-nosed yet with a cleanness to tickle the most fastidious palate.
25) Nine-year-old Betsy, usually ready for a kiss and a tickle, looked unhappy.
26) Elie Wiesel and Elmo, a great thinker and a great tickle, will help President Clinton celebrate his second inauguration.
27) I bathed my face with water and felt hot fingers beginning to tickle my back.
28) Then he started to cough, forced himself to control the tickle he felt at the back of his throat.
29) It is not clear where Sir Trevor learned to tickle the ivories.
30) The wind is causing cheeky corners of the sheet to tickle the soft sides of her tummy.
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