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Fickle in a sentence

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Synonym: changingflightyuncertainunfaithfulunreliableunstableSimilar words: tackleanklesprinklepickkickbrickclicktrickMeaning: ['fɪkl]  adj. 1. marked by erratic changeableness in affections or attachments 2. liable to sudden unpredictable change. 
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(1) Fortune is fickle.
(2) The group has been notoriously fickle in the past.
(3) As long as they read, short but fickle.
(4) He is fickle to a proverb.
(5) The weather here is notoriously fickle.
(6) The television world was a notoriously fickle one.
(7) She's so fickle - she's never been interested in the same man for more than a week!
(8) If the fickle into good forget[], I think I'll more kind.
(9) They have no use for fickle supporters.
(10) The world of popular music is notoriously fickle.
(11) Fluctuating prices usually base on a fickle public's demand.
(12) Fickle winds made sailing conditions difficult.
(13) Of course, I can be fickle, too.
(14) Am I plain fickle, she thought desperately.
(15) Orta's weather can be fickle.
(16) Teenagers are fickle and switch brands frequently.
(17) Trouble is, people are fickle.
(18) But the public is a fickle mistress[], and all showbiz careers not cut short by death end in failure.
(19) His mercurial and fickle temperament left him with few friends.
(20) But don't for one moment feel you're fickle if you change your perfume constantly, on a whim.
(21) Many have fickle requirements and others lie dormant until very precise conditions happen to come along.
(22) We are expected to follow their fickle games, before launching our rich domestic cargo upon those blue, blustering flames.
(23) The weather, fickle over this western peninsula, makes mock of the forecasters.
(24) The latest downturn in sales shows just what a fickle business this is.
(25) It's the third time that he changed his mind; he's so fickle!
(26) The government should invest in these industries rather than propping up increasingly fickle, unsustainable industries at times of crisis.
(27) Telegraph poles push up into the living quarters protecting folk from the fickle rising seas.
(28) Described as a giant phallic symbol in the guidebook, I thought of it more as the Fickle Finger of Fate.
(29) It was a dark night with just a glimmer of stars and a light and fickle wind which frequently changed direction.
(30) This has led some pundits to suggest that an increasingly fickle public has given up on old notions of artist loyalty.
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