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Fertility rate in a sentence

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Similar words: fertilizeutilityat any rateabilityagilityviabilityfacilitypertinacityMeaning: n. the ratio of live births in an area to the population of that area; expressed per 1000 population per year. 
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1. The total fertility rate went up from 2.22 to 2.94 - an increase of 32 percent.
2. The decline in the general fertility rate was matched by a reduction in family size.
3. The results suggest that fertility rates are a function not so much of religion as of education and employment.
4. The fertility rate of railway workers declined rapidly following the expansion of promotion hierarchies at the end of the century.
5. Utah has the highest fertility rate in the country, and the biggest and youngest households.
6. Fertility rates are high, averaging nearly 6. 5 children, while contraceptive prevalence averages less than 8 percent.
7. Educated women had lower fertility rates, and the children they did have were significantly healthier.
8. The relationship between fertility rates and mortality rates has created a population structure which has varied substantially during the period in question.
9. China's fertility rate now averages 1.8(, less than replacement.
10. Even in 1989, the fertility rate (children per adult woman) of 1.57 was below the replacement rate of about two. The poor economy further discourages family formation.
11. Since our country fertility rate change all has close relationship with the birth civilization development.
12. A fertility rate of around 2.1 is considered the level a population can replace itself.
13. The fertility rate, 1.74 in 1980 a bit later in that decade, but has fallen since.
14. Here , the fertility rate is below 1.5 and countries are struggling in a fertility trap.
15. Nugent says statistics on the fertility rate were also revealing.
16. In France the fertility rate is already around two children per female, not far short of the "replacement rate" which keeps population numbers steady.
17. The decrease in the Chinese fertility rate has both its substantial space:scale space, structure space, policy space and comparison space, and its conceptual space.
18. The fertility rate in the EU is 1.47— well below replacement.
19. By comparison, the fertility rate in developed countries has been stable, or falling.
20. Methods The statistical description of fertility rate, age at first marriage, age at first birth, interval between marriage and first birth, birth interval.
21. This paper presented two fertility rate models, i. e. , lognormal distribution model and Poisson distribution model. Based on these two models, a composite model was proposed.
22. It shows the family size a woman would have if she experienced current age-specific fertility rates through her lifetime.
23. In the developed world, most nations professed themselves deeply concerned about low fertility rates.
24. The infant mortality rate is correlative with the average GDP, the total fertility rate and the crude birth rate.
25. Its wealth and a famously healthy diet keep its people going to a ripe old age, while a low fertility rate means fewer young people to redress the balance.
26. Offending family-orientated Confucian values, neither dried-fish woman nor herbivore man is much interested in romance, part of the reason why Korea's fertility rate is lamentably low.
27. Unfortunately , the same cannot be said about measures to raise the fertility rate.
28. Offending family-orientated Confucian values, neither dried-fish woman nor herbivore man is much interested in romance, part of the reason why Korea's fertility rate is lamentably lowa.
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