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Browbeat in a sentence

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Sentence count:28Posted:2016-10-27Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: ballyragboss aroundbullybullyraghectorpush aroundstrong-armswaggerSimilar words: browneyebrowbeat downbe at war withbrotherbroadabroadbrokerMeaning: ['braʊbiːt]  v. 1. be bossy towards 2. discourage or frighten with threats or a domineering manner; intimidate. 
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1. They browbeat him into signing the document.
2. The boss browbeat me into taking on all this extra work.
3. He browbeat her into agreeing.
4. The judge browbeat the witness.
5. She was determined to browbeat everyone into believing her.
6. The police could not browbeat him into confessing.
7. We shall never allow our police to browbeat prisoners into admitting their guilt.
8. Clausen has been known to browbeat witnesses.
9. But she wasn't going to let him browbeat her.
10. The only way was to browbeat them.
11. Hence, the commander had to beg, cajole, and browbeat authorities of three nations to get what he needed.
12. The police could not browbeat him confessing.
13. Inactive one side is, unemployment browbeats merely no longer manufacturing company, and also browbeat high - tech domain.
14. They jostled, browbeat , and threatened one another, but they did not come to actual hostilities.
15. But just look at how they browbeat the IMF into giving favourable assessments of their economies.
16. In 2008 China reportedly browbeat ExxonMobil and BP into stopping exploration in Vietnamese waters.
17. As a tactical maneuver, financial negotiators can browbeat the opposition much in the same way that technical negotiators can.
18. Do not browbeat yourself with guilt if you need a nap, or if you need to close the books and go to bed because you are not getting enough sleep.
19. These tendency may arouse trade protectionism, browbeat thereby global economy is integrated.
20. Because of their health, especially crural health got browbeat badly.
21. The drowsy browser knits its brows to browbeat the frowzy crow.
22. When I backed out of the 100 metres, an older kid tried to browbeat me into it.
23. After all,( what sort of conspiracy is it when the victim has to browbeat his supposed aggressors into taking part?
24. We are in the process that has a story, the victim still suffered browbeat and threaten.
25. Production of 76 members unit encounters the group to browbeat badly.
26. We are while the convenience that enjoys email to be brought to us to the top of one's bent is quick, also be passed email to browbeat to ours possibly at any time by a lot of illegal users.
27. Go toward the summit, admittedly storm may be greater, browbeat however your life.
28. Speer's unbuilt works seem oppressive, on a scale intended to browbeat anyone in their vicinity.
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