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Fertilize in a sentence

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Sentence count:51Posted:2016-10-22Updated:2016-12-13
Synonym: fecundatefeedfertiliseinseminateSimilar words: utilizerealizespecializedemoralizerationalizeutilitypunctiliousrefer toMeaning: ['fɜrtlaɪz /'fɜːtɪ-]  v. 1. provide with fertilizers or add nutrients to 2. make fertile or productive 3. introduce semen into (a female). 
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1. Bees fertilize the flowers by bringing pollen.
2. It only takes one sperm to fertilize an egg.
3. Fertilizer is a substance put on land to fertilize it.
4. When I do fertilize the plants you mention, I use a high-phosphorus fertilizer.
5. To father a daughter, the man must fertilize his mate with an X carrier.
6. This makes it unnecessary to fertilize when planting your flowers.
7. Farmers fertilize their fields because more food means better harvests.
8. Night soil is a cheap way to fertilize crops.
9. Sperms fertilize ova in the fallopian tube.
10. Plant, fertilize, cultivate, spray, irrigate and harvest crops.
11. Reading will fertilize his vocabulary.
12. Plant ash can be used to fertilize the soil.
13. Producers use artificial insemination to fertilize the eggs.
14. Pumpkins get their start when bees fertilize their flowers.
15. The bees may fertilize flowers when they collect nectar.
16. Producers use artificial insemination to fertilize the eggs. The turkeys grow quickly.
17. And farmers can use camel waste fodder laies fertilize their crops.
18. To fertilize ( soil ) by applying material such as barnyard dung.
19. And farmers can use camel waist waste to fertilize their crops.
20. Before using the sperm to fertilize an egg(, they could test it to make sure it was healthy and lacked the genetic defect.
21. They are largest in polyandrous birds, where several males fertilize one female, and it is not hard to see why.
22. Many of his sperm do not even try to fertilize her eggs but instead either attack other sperm or block their passage.
23. Patala is symbolic of gold and the earth's minerals which energize the terrain and fertilize it.Sentence dictionary
24. For a pregnancy to occur, one of those sperm must penetrate and fertilize the egg.
25. In an invasive procedure, a doctor could extract one of her eggs and try to fertilize it in a test tube.
26. Morton wants a guarantee that pollen from those genetically engineered beets will not fertilize his chard or red beets.
27. Only spontaneous love flowing with sincere generosity and self - abnegation can fertilize the soul of others.
28. The process of mixing decaying leaves, manure and other nutritive matter to improve and fertilize soil.
29. A member of the Entomobryidae family, the water bug munches on leaf litter, helping to fertilize soil and encouraging suitable habitats for microorganisms.
30. Now there is a solution to this, and that is to cease to fertilize so heavily with non-organic substances, balance the pH of the ocean and to reseed the coral reefs with new life.
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