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Spartan in a sentence

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Sentence count:72Posted:2016-11-10Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: SpartanasceticasceticalausteresevereSimilar words: heart and soulsparksparsesparklingdisparagingimportantmagna cartapartMeaning: ['spɑːtən]  n. a resident of Sparta. adj. 1. of or relating to or characteristic of Sparta or its people 2. resolute in the face of pain or danger or adversity 3. unsparing and uncompromising in discipline or judgment 4. practicing great self-denial. 
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(1) Their spartan lifestyle prohibits a fridge or a phone.
(2) Spartan youths were bred as warriors.
(3) The hotel room was somewhat spartan.
(4) They lead a rather spartan life, with very few comforts and no luxuries.
(5) By comparison, his own media campaign has been spartan.
(6) The newer end is rough, treeless and spartan.
(7) Funky Ruidoso and spartan Lincoln serve as nice contrasts to each other.
(8) But although I said I was reasonably Spartan, this bare Nissen hut and my little windy bivouac pall a bit at times.
(9) This shows a Spartan caution which is at variance with their previous bellicosity over Samos.
(10) But his decorative style is as spartan as any Internationalist.
(11) Spartan carries important data from that experiment, which tested lighter and less expensive ways to put large structures in space.
(12) Meanwhile, the Spartan observers were politely detained, pending the ambassadors' safe return.
(13) The students' rooms are spartan but clean, with no carpets or central heating.
(14) It was a spartan existence, with no running water or electricity.
(15) Spur lines led from principal stations into vast spartan dormitory accommodation where they could be quarantined and prepared for settlement.
(16) He had become a tireless spartan worker who never seemed to register ordinary pain or fatigue.
(17) Despite their spartan, isolated lifestyle, there are no stories of women being raped or wanton violence against civilians.
(18) Again the overall approach is Spartan in its self-denying austerity and yet has a wholly characteristic eagle-eyed intensity.
(19) Spartan was used as a platform for the inflation of a huge antenna, which later was jettisoned from the satellite.
(20) Inside Spartan are measurements taken by lasers and pressure sensors that will provide some answers for researchers.
(21) Normality should be our aim too(, but spartan endurance in the face of pain is not the answer.
(22) It was perhaps no wonder that he reacted against the spartan, puritanical environment of Potsdam.
(23) These include the deployment and retrieval of a NASA-owned spacecraft called Spartan, which carries a half-dozen experiments.
(24) Once it is forgotten again, she resumes her work in the spartan room allocated to her by a local co-op.
(25) The antenna was stored in a large box atop Spartan.
(26) Two, earn enough money to support both my Babylonian apartment in the West and my Spartan hiring in the North.
(27) Thebes and Corinth wanted Athens to be utterly destroyed sooner than see her turned into a Spartan puppet.
(28) I spent six of the happiest years of my life at a boarding school where the regime was spartan.
(29) The hotel was like a different world compared to the spartan accomodation I'd had in the army.
(30) He was very much involved in the process of publication as this account makes clear: It was a spartan regime.
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