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Excavate in a sentence

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Sentence count:48Posted:2016-11-08Updated:2016-12-13
Synonym: burrowdigpull upscoopunearthAntonym: buryinterSimilar words: caveat emptorprivateenervatemotivateprivatelythe private sectorcavecave inMeaning: ['ekskəveɪt]  v. 1. lay bare through digging 2. find by digging in the ground 3. form by hollowing 4. remove the inner part or the core of. 
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1. They plan to excavate a large hole.
2. In tin mining today, workers excavate tunnels horizontally from a vertical shaft.
3. Work is under way to excavate the ancient city.
4. As on land, ocean impact explosions excavate huge craters.
5. It had taken three months to excavate down to the bare rock.
6. Local people called on the government to excavate the site and to protect the remains.
7. If archaeologists subsequently excavate that shifted material, they need to be able to recognize that it is in a secondary context.
8. They will not excavate a crater, and therefore raise far less dust than surface bursts with the same yield.
9. Archaeologists excavate sites carefully and record everything they see and find.
10. The mining company wants to excavate the hillside.
11. I let him excavate around the mine.
12. This machine uses multiple scoops to excavate stale raw material continuously.
13. And the last part excavate the contemporary significance of the thought of "the new people" personality so as to provide the referential experience for the construction of syntonic personality.
14. From a new view angle, sociology can excavate the historical nature and sociocultural significance of P. E.
15. Weaving excavate and grub supersedure plan is means of dealing with connection of excavate and grub in mine production, and is chief and basal work.
16. The researchers plan to excavate the second pliosaur when they return to Spitsbergen this summer.
17. In order to excavate East Fushun surface mine efficiently, optimum selection of reasonable mining technology was did according to geological condition of East Fushun open-pit mine.
18. It took a long time to excavate the ancient city of Troy.
19. In modern society, to re-understand and excavate Confucian kindheartedness ethic will be meaningful to solve the problems mentioned.
20. A contractor was hired to drain the reservoir and to excavate soil from one area for replacement with clay.
21. Dedicated to non-man entry sewer repair and maintenance, the Sika-Robot cuts costs by eliminating the need to excavate pipes.
22. Herculaneum, the twin city to Pompeii, suffered a similar fate but has proved more difficult to excavate.
23. Then they burrow deep into the still soft sand and excavate a small chamber.
24. The general procedures for constructing subway are as follows: first excavate the shaft, then horizontal pass, finally ingate.
25. The 2 nd week, driveway fill and level up, but excavate.
26. Fill and level up of the third week of driveway, but
27. Therefore, I believe myself also has this kind of strength which still do not excavate.
28. Inspect manage is perforative project whole process: Action, bid, coordinate schedule, budgetary final accounts, optimize a design, reduce excavate and concrete backfill, cancelled scouring sluice.
29. Guided by the resulting video feed, the surgeon wields long-handled tools to excavate the gall bladder from its neighbouring organs before removing it though the slit.
30. The sequence of excavation for the shaft of diversion system at Pushihe storage power station is to excavate the pioneer well used by back well boring machine, then by hand air drill to expand it.
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