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Bourgeois in a sentence

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Antonym: proletarianSimilar words: surgeonurgeurgenturgencysurgeryin charge offorget abouthoistMeaning: ['bʊəʒwɑː]  n. 1. a capitalist who engages in industrial commercial enterprise 2. a member of the middle class. adj. 1. (according to Marxist thought) being of the property-owning class and exploitive of the working class 2. conforming to the standards and conventions of the middle class 3. belonging to the middle class. 
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1. He had a petit bourgeois mentality.
2. It's a bit bourgeois, isn't it, joining a golf club?
3. They've become very bourgeois since they got married.
4. The princess was ostracised for marrying a rich bourgeois.
5. He described the film as 'middle-class, bourgeois horseshit'.
6. The princess was ostracized for marrying a rich bourgeois.
7. She came from a respectable bourgeois family.
7. try its best to collect and make good sentences.
8. That was the way bourgeois society valued a man.
9. Their starting point is bourgeois despotism, which in culture becomes the cultural despotism of the bourgeoisie.
10. He's accusing them of having a bourgeois and limited vision.
11. He thought they might infect others with their bourgeois ideas.
12. She rejected her parents' conventional bourgeois lifestyle.
13. She despised the bourgeois mentality of the professional class.
14. These lackeys of bourgeois criticism can yap in vain.
15. Bourgeois tragedy properly belongs to an age of science.
16. It failed to foster an independent, bourgeois culture.
17. Many of the politburo members had married good bourgeois ladies or fashionable actresses.
18. She enjoyed so many bourgeois pleasures, and yet she loathed the thought of settling for them.
19. In bourgeois society, the professions hover on the margin between tradesmen and gentlemen.
20. It was a gala performance of Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme in the presence of the king.
21. He went on and on about the iniquities of bourgeois oppression.
22. The result was either docile acquiescence to the hegemony of bourgeois culture or schizophrenia.
23. In their view, Spengler diagnosed the main historical trends of human society and accurately predicted the fate of decaying bourgeois society.
24. These unhealthy trends needed to be corrected, he warned, and students firmly guided away from the false ideals of bourgeois liberalism.
25. It is obvious, argues Cutler, how suitable these characteristics are for the needs of bourgeois society.
26. These would no longer be parasitic, completely dependent on bourgeois society and playing no productive role.
27. Zhao was also accused of encouraging the spread of bourgeois liberalization and personal corruption.
28. Was it not his father who had implicitly argued a case for the moral uprightness of bourgeois culture and bourgeois education?
29. Thirdly in the eyes of the regime, victory demonstrates the superiority of Marxist ethics over the bourgeois variety.
30. Between the two, liberalism continued its life, formed its many governments, and practised its bourgeois wisdom and egotism.
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