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Evaporation in a sentence

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Synonym: dehydrationdesiccationdrying upvaporvaporisationvaporizationvapourSimilar words: evaporateevaporatedcorporationincorporationorationadorationdecorationrestorationMeaning: [ɪ‚væpə'reɪʃn]  n. 1. the process of becoming a vapor 2. the process of extracting moisture. 
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1 Our bodies can sweat, thereby losing heat by evaporation.
2 The soothing, cooling effect is caused by the evaporation of the sweat on the skin.
3 Evaporation is not usually directly observable.
4 An evaporation system is used to dissipate heat from the sun and protect the shuttle's electronics.
5 More than half of this disappears through evaporation or transpiration through plants.
6 Evaporation is a relatively small loss in this country and may be taken as 0.05 inches per day.
7 This gave them a new experience of evaporation, as well as time to draw on their prior experiences.
8 Evaporation through pores starts at the surface with water being continuously drawn out and evaporating as a moisture gradient comes into being.
9 Insects can also lose heat by evaporation from their spiracles, but this may lead to desiccation.
10 On the degree of evaporation or reduction to which the tomatoes are subjected the flavour of the sauce very largely depends.
11 The calcium sulphate was probably concentrated by evaporation of shallow lakes, though wind-borne gypsum dust may have contributed in places.
12 On the Earth there is regularly more evaporation - effusions of water vapour from the surface - by day than by night.
13 As evaporation is rapid,( the chamber beneath will require regularly topping up with fresh water.
14 Evaporation is a significant environmental pathway.
15 The moist water of the earth is exhausted by evaporation.
16 Be careful not to lose too much liquid by evaporation.
17 Eventually it will be dispersed by a combination of the natural processes of evaporation and marine bacterial breakdown.
18 Panting increases the flow of air through the muzzle and enhances evaporation.
19 Some of this increase can be attributed to the evaporation of remaining nitric acid from the condensed phase as temperatures rise.
20 A glass cover over the tank will do much to eliminate excessive evaporation.
21 The patterns formed by the processes of etching and/or evaporation of the conductor make the electrical circuitry of the integrated circuit.
22 A sunny south-facing mound will lose more precious moisture to evaporation than a shadier northern slope.
23 Unprotected in the desert, they would lose so much water by evaporation that they would quickly die of desiccation.
24 Add a few drops of methanol to compensate for evaporation.
25 In hot weather, cover with polythene to stop water evaporation.
26 Larger pieces of dirty cometary ice may also be dislodged by this furious evaporation.
27 In this way body temperature was kept constant and the evaporation of water from abdominal tissues was minimised.
28 The two phases are in dynamic equilibrium when the rate of evaporation equals the rate of condensation.
29 Their use should minimise water use to making good losses through evaporation.
30 He also tends to urinate on vertical surfaces so that some liquid is lost to evaporation and absorption.
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