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Blockage in a sentence

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Sentence count:81Posted:2017-01-14Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: packageblockblockedlocklockero'clockthe dark agesjohn lockeMeaning: n. 1. the state or condition of being obstructed 2. an obstruction in a pipe or tube 3. the act of blocking. 
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1. They used chemicals to clear the blockage.
2. There's a blockage in the pipe.
3. His death was caused by a blockage in one of his arteries.
4. I just had a complete mental blockage.
5. What if there is a blockage in the process?
6. The blockage is usually caused by a blood clot forming in an artery already narrowed by fatty atheroma.
7. A blockage in the movement upward and out of the underclass will not be accepted.
8. The problem could also be caused by a blockage in the circulating pipes, caused again by sludge.
9. Blockage of these results in circulatory impediment which may lead eventually to congestive cardiac failure.
10. If they are all full, the blockage is between the last inspection chamber and the main sewer.
10. try its best to gather and create good sentences.
11. They are often more of a blockage to communication than a channel.
12. Nystagmus blockage syndrome ( Report of 3 cases ).
13. The interview clears lines of communication of emotional blockage.
14. A blockage in the arteries could be very dangerous.
15. If the blockage worked, they could retreat with dignity.
16. The logical treatment is to remove this blockage.
17. An angiogram shows the amount of damage and blockage in blood vessels.
18. Hysteromyomectomy, hysteromyomectomy and uterine artery blockage, and hysteromyomectomy and temporary uterine artery blockage were performed on 26, 70, and 30 patients, respectively.
19. Not very many though , and the blockage is usually temporary.
20. Like the writing of all books there are times of great enthusiasm, of heavy going and quite often real blockage.
21. I was amused and relieved at the easily-remedied cause of the blockage: cased caddis larvae.
22. He is trying to speak but there is a blockage for the moment.
23. My doctors performed a bypass operation to clear away a blockage in the blood vessels that supply my heart.
24. If the concrete were to stop pouring-because of a blockage in the pipe, for example-the already hyperactive melee would become frenetic.
25. Pipes and drains which are blocked are not accidentally damaged and the cost of clearing the blockage is not covered.
26. Now Kevin could reach in and start to pull out the debris causing the blockage.
27. The condition, which can cause extreme daytime sleepiness, can be effectively treated with a special breathing device that alleviates the blockage by pushing air into throat.
28. The device can effectively solve the problems of coal clogging and coal blockage during the operation of the raw coal bunker, thereby having good application prospect.
29. This paper expounds some countermeasures for the library to reject online bad reading materials from three aspects of the blockage, channelization and occupation.
30. A bruit is usually detected with a stethoscope and is an indicator of arterial blockage.
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