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Encircle in a sentence

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Sentence count:42+1 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-02-21Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: boundcompriseencloseencompassincludesurroundtake inSimilar words: circlecircumferencecircuscircuitcirculatecircuitouscirculationcircumspectMeaning: [ɪn'sɜːkl]  v. 1. be around 2. form a circle around 3. bind with something round or circular. 
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(1) Trees encircle the house.
(2) Villaverde is one of the high-rise districts that encircle Madrid.
(3) We should encircle the enemy forces completely and let none escape from the net.
(4) His hand slipped down to encircle her throat.
(5) They encircle many of the city's apartment complexes.
(6) But our eyes, as though reversed, encircle it on every side(, like traps set round its unobstructed path to freedom.
(7) He expanded the area of cut grass to encircle nearer trees - this was his own idea and it pleased him hugely.
(8) It takes ten people to encircle the big tree.
(9) A distinctive crescent-shaped podium will encircle its base.
(10) It would take more than seven people to encircle the tree with outstretched arms.
(11) Do not encircle the scabbard with your fingers while drawing out your khukuri.
(12) Encircle 30 pigs in, head head rolls melon smooth circleanother's position is strong, very congenial.
(13) It takes the earth one year to encircle the sun.
(14) Encircle centralizing all of the enterprises, based fundamentality profits of crowd, and built the key of developing surroundings brand, to improve fastening progress.
(15) Group of hill encircle of the Anling that it is located in vast in.
(16) The Van Allen radiation belts that encircle our planet were temporarily eliminated(, and huge numbers of protons and electrons were dumped into the upper atmosphere.
(17) He said that up to 1,000 guerrillas were trying to rout or encircle government posts to force defenders to flee.
(18) They did a full survey to begin with, launching several satellites to encircle the planet, collecting atmospheric and geographic data.
(19) Puppies will herd hens in a farmyard, just as a pack of wolves will encircle an ailing prey.
(20) One woman, her back to us, wears bright yellow; black stripes encircle buttock, hipbone.
(21) This is the historical basis of road of town of encircle a city of bag of party choice country and united front strategy.
(22) Let poverty start to take off, happiness and healthy encircle the world.
(23) Trunk tall, straight, vigorous strong, two adults in order to encircle over.
(24) Strengthen buyer sanction, return the action that can control place of on the market a few everybody to like not quite and phenomenon, encircle Qian Hefa for instance travel price is exorbitant.
(25) Faddish community interior communicates a tool to be able to make its sufficient inside community develop its good friend to encircle.
(26) A similar system is used to contact the communications satellites that now continually encircle the earth.
(27) Because our solar system is situated within this disk, our galaxy appears to encircle us.
(28) It took months before his rigidness gave way and he was able to let the emotions inside him pass through his arms to encircle me .
(29) A belief in God, and trust in his providence, began to encircle his heart.
(30) During the night - morning the coalition units continued to encircle the city from west and east.
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