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Countable in a sentence

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Antonym: uncountableSimilar words: accountableunaccountableinsurmountableaccountabilityaccountantaccountancyprintablecountMeaning: adj. that can be counted. 
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1 The word " person " is a countable noun.
2 An example of a countable noun is 'table', and an example of an uncountable noun is 'money'.
3 The Church is made up of countable people and there is nothing particularly spiritual in not counting them.
4 Since the Turing machines are countable, it must certainly be the case that the computable real numbers are countable.
5 We have now seen that the integers are countable, and so also are all the fractions.
6 Point Countable Covers and the Theory of Maps.
7 Only countable nouns can be used in the plural.
8 All and half can be used with countable and uncountable nouns.
9 In this paper the sequence - covering locally countable images of locally separable metric spaces are characterized.
10 And there are only countable papers including detailed analysis about flow over an barchan dune, such as flow acceleration up the stoss slope and what influences separation length in the lee side.
11 Do, the mount of the cost of a countable application.
12 Definite quantifiers can be used with countable nouns to give an exact number of something.
13 English nouns can be practically classified into countable nouns and uncountable nouns.
14 Discusses the computational problem about union of countable infinite of countably infinite sets.
15 Eachband everybare generally used as determiners before singular countable nouns.
16 a portion of chicken / fish and chips. It can also be used with some countable nouns to mean a part of something.
17 fragments of conversation. It can also be used with countable nouns to mean a small part of something:a fragment of the story.
18 These terms should strictly only be used for the natural numbers or for other countable sets.
19 It may be remarked that the computable numbers, on the other hand, are countable.
20 Perhaps the reader has indeed got the impression by now that all infinite sets are countable.
21 For larger systems the bundles of energy were too numerous to be countable.
22 We have seen that the number of objects is actually countable in each case.
23 There is no guarantee that honest people will always be honest and straightforward,( and not all honest people are always reliable and countableDr T.P.Chia 
24 In this paper is presented a class of Q-matrixes, the exit boundary of which is a countable set.
25 Used before an uncountable noun ( abstract, material, proper ) to refer to a countable meaning of noun.
26 That could be extended to all discrete random variable and vector with the infinited countable distribution series.
27 This paper give the proofs of the Keal Function "a theorem that sum aggregate enumerable set is countable aggregate".
28 Nouns such as book, pen, apple and toy are countable nouns.
29 The counting method of infinite set and some qualities of countable set and consecutive potential are introduced.
30 The problem is that what is classified and perceived as mass noun in English often functions as a countable noun in another language.
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