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Leapfrog in a sentence

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Sentence count:27Posted:2017-03-16Updated:2017-03-16
Similar words: keep fromleapleaperleapingLook before you leapby leaps and boundslearn fromreapMeaning: n. 1. advancing as if in the child's game, by leaping over obstacles or competitors 2. a game in which one child bends down and another leaps over. v. 1. jump across 2. progress by large jumps instead of small increments. 
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1. Did 1973 respond to his plans to leapfrog into the elite who would be actually paid to drive?
2. The intention was to allow London to leapfrog its rivals into a leading position.
3. Like leapfrog and friendships with older girls the teachers always put a stop to it.
4. Secondly, word hypotheses might overlap and leapfrog each other's backwards pruning decision points.
5. Once again, Texas' effort to leapfrog into a role of importance in the presidential road show has failed.
6. Support vans play leapfrog with the runners, moving ahead a mile or so at a time.
7. The Cubs knew a win would leapfrog them into second place.
8. To jump over in or as if in leapfrog.
9. Folks playing leapfrog must complete all jumps.
10. The company still believes the chip is a leapfrog in integration and will pay huge dividends.
11. In Serie B, Juventus leapfrog up to 10 points and 12 th place.
12. The ultra thin belt may leapfrog clamps the mold or clamp preventing, uses the space well.
13. Only in this way can we achieve a leapfrog development of China's cultural industry, realizing of China's cultural industry from the backward shift to advance.
14. But the Godson 3C processor will leapfrog current technology by using a 28-nanometer process, although this will only increase its clock speed by about a factor of two, estimates Halfhill.
15. He aimed at the opportunity to leapfrog into the river.
16. China railway leapfrog development strategy focused on large - scale railway network construction.
17. The win allowed them to leapfrog three teams to gain second place.
18. More than 200 youngsters from North Road school in Darlington held a sponsored leapfrog to collect money for Oxfam.
19. The PLA persists in taking the training of high-quality military personnel of a new type as a fundamental measure for promoting a leapfrog development of the armed forces' modernization.
19. Wish you can benefit from and make progress everyday!
20. To move forward or progress in or as if in leapfrog.
21. Some of these companies, it is said, are prepared to pay more to leapfrog the queue.
22. Do your intelligence officers know where the bad guys are planning to use this leapfrog tactic?
23. I hope to see Guo Jingjing big sister which radiated power and vitality standing at the 10-metre platform, such as swallows fly in the sky as if to leapfrog into the water like fish.
24. It can correct the traditional model of regional development in the defect, drive backward region to achieve leapfrog development.
25. However, if we assume that large enterprises become first adopters for SOA, and in so doing a market for services gets created, SMBs can leapfrog the whole inside-out process.
26. Three years out of every four, the Gregorian calendar and all the people who adhere to it neatly leapfrog over February 29 as if it didn't exist.
27. Analysts say that alternative fuel technology could allow Chinese carmakers to leapfrog the internal combustion altogether.
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