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Besmirch in a sentence

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Sentence count:31Posted:2017-02-14Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: aspersecalumniatedefamedenigrateslandersmearsmirchsullySimilar words: tribesmanmake up one's mindmesmerisemesmerizespokesmanmiremirthadmireMeaning: [bɪ'smɜːtʃ]  v. 1. charge falsely or with malicious intent; attack the good name and reputation of someone 2. smear so as to make dirty or stained. 
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1. a reputation that was besmirched by slander.
2. His shirt was besmirched with blood.
3. He never forgave the reporter for besmirching his family's name.
4. He has accused local people of trying to besmirch his reputation.
5. His accusations were false, but they served to besmirch her reputation.
6. Her soul was horribly besmirched.
7. After the besmirch purify must rinse clean.
8. This way, remove cosmetic besmirch is more ideal.
9. The besmirch purify besmirch, different application of various chemicals, The application of the different nature of besmirch prebrushing method is different also.
10. Function: defecate sands , rust. copper, besmirch cutting off peculiar smell, high quality water zone.
11. Cleaner is cleared when floor surface besmirch, do not use laminating cleaner or contain arenaceous cleaner, and careful chemically cleaner.
12. The scandalous remarks in the newspaper besmirch the reputations of every member of the society.
13. If besmirch, temperature tolerance and not cured or dissolve deep inside the fabric.
14. Can try try out knife to blow besmirch directly, want nevertheless very careful, did not leave ugly scar.
15. Pigment besmirch, according to the variety of colours, nature and the besmirch of fiber materials, we adopt different prebrushing agent, adopt different method.
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16. If meet fruit juice besmirch, with pink of 1 teaspoon soda and clear water smooth, reoccupy cloth is touched brush, besmirch can drop .
17. And finally the bloodied body of the victim is carried out of town, a reputation besmirched, a political career ruined.
18. Nor is it the first time that Rupert's good name has been besmirched.
19. But under cross-examination, he was accused of deliberately setting out to besmirch her character.
20. This is just the latest in long line of such scandals, which besmirch the country's financial institutions as a whole.
21. When meeting the more difficult to clean surface or besmirch is too thick, can add water, increase the concentration, less to clean effect.
22. Original or diluent will directly drops or gush in besmirch, wait 1-2 minutes, with soft cloth to wipe the scrub brush or, and then rinse clean can.
23. Hitting candle every months also is best maintain method, but before waxing, should mix lunt besmirch wipe up .
24. Love was too fine and noble, and he was too loyal a lover for him to besmirch love with criticism.
25. Go up from the craft processing of floor of deep light color next for, light color floor is fashionable and contemporary, but, the besmirch that goes up in the floor to remaining is very unmanageable.
26. Hitting candle every months also is very be necessary, but before waxing, should mix hydrosphere besmirch wipe up .
27. The quality question in packing the tablet and the capsule is mainly including miss placed, body deformity, besmirch and the transudatory powder of capsule and so on.
28. He gave us handy words like eyeball, puppydog and anchovy and more show-offy words like dauntless, besmirch and lacklustre.
29. To ensure there is no moisture, dust, powder or besmirch before decoration.
30. In an article he reveals that his real aim is to use the problems of immigrant absorption and poverty to besmirch the name of Israel.
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