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Rancid in a sentence

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Sentence count:48Posted:2017-01-04Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: sourSimilar words: coincideincidentincidencecoincidenceancientfancierfinancialemancipationMeaning: ['rænsɪd]  adj. 1. (used of decomposing oils or fats) having a rank smell or taste usually due to a chemical change or decomposition 2. smelling of fermentation or staleness. 
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1. Butter soon goes / turns rancid in this heat.
2. Rancid oil will taint the flavour.
3. There was a rancid smell coming from the kitchen.
4. Butter is perishable and can go rancid.
5. We all know that fats spoil by becoming rancid.
6. The butter has gone / turned rancid.
7. It was malodorous, peculiarly rancid, sulphurous.
8. Woke up with a rancid headache.
9. The oats looked firm and fresh, but were rancid.
10. His mouth felt like something rancid had curled up inside and he silently cursed the demon booze.
11. That is, the fat content becomes rancid, which can lead to fish deaths.
12. Why is this so? Fat becomes rancid over time.
13. A shefiend's whiteness under her rancid rags.
14. The grocer took back the rancid butter.
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15. The seas wouldn't be turning rancid.
16. Poorly fermented silage smells rancid.
17. Fat becomes rancid over time.
18. The lard has gone rancid.
19. Butyric. Rancid odour of some spoiled wines.
20. Rancid butter and margarine are notorious.
21. I was frequently sick through being forced to drink rancid milk that had been left standing in the playground for hours.
22. That could not be said of the hectic, driven finale, marred by some rancid clarinet contributions.
23. Swanson knows his conspiracy theories, and his portrait of Dallas, mainly rancid, saves you the trip.
24. Lucy's grease, however, was a mixture of beeswax and rancid butter.
25. You can freeze it, but it will start to go rancid after a comparatively short storage period of three months.
26. There was greasy gunk on his lips and his mouth was full of rancid sourness.
27. He smiled without humour when Frankie sucked at the soap-filled cloth in order to sluice the taste of rancid beck-water from his mouth.
28. The canals have more potential than ponds that often get rancid in the heat of summer.
29. He thrust his face into hers, forcing her to breathe his rancid breath; his untrimmed nails bit into her arms.
30. If he had kept his mouth shut I would still be eating rancid meat and plotting my own way out of Paris.
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