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Bloat in a sentence

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Sentence count:37Posted:2017-02-25Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: inflatepuff upswellSimilar words: bloatedbloatingloathefloatafloatfloatingloathsomeloafMeaning: [bləʊt]  n. swelling of the rumen or intestinal tract of domestic animals caused by excessive gas. v. 1. become bloated or swollen or puff up 2. make bloated or swollen. 
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(1) If I eat it, my stomach bloats up.
(2) Her body bloated and puffed up till pain seemed to burst out through her skin.
(3) The cow's stomach was bloated from eating the wet fodder.
(4) I felt bloated after the huge meal they'd served.
(5) He suffered from indigestion and bloating.
(6) I feel really bloated after that meal.
(7) The carcass started to bloat.
(8) The great success has bloated her ego to an alarming degree.
(9) His face was bloated.
(10) Even their baby is bloated[], and wanting more.
(11) I felt so bloated after Thanksgiving dinner.
(12) Not to mention half a ton of bloat, several wagonloads of smuts, and a sackful of matted hair.
(13) I feel really bloated. I wish I hadn't eaten so much.
(14) Gobbla, his hugely bloated and eternally hungry Cave Squig would feed well.
(15) He fell onto the sofa, his stomach bloated with food.
(16) That warlock was a bloated, horned hermaphrodite draped in bilious green skin.
(17) It died from bloat, having eaten grass cuttings I'd left in a bin outside the paddock.
(18) They get all the functionality without the bloat, and possibly at a lesser cost.
(19) Bloat is sitting on the floor (, working the banana peel into pajama lapel for a boutonni è re.
(20) That gum bloat came on the side of big tooth, good ache, how should I do?
(21) Diners do not want to leave the table feeling bloated.
(22) I've had so much to eat I feel absolutely bloated.
(23) They were thirsty and starving, vacant-eyed beasts with bellies bloated from hunger and protruding ribs.
(24) Once, before she was born, her father had found a curious bloated and boggle-eyed fish on the shore.
(25) It is a star in serious trouble, with bright bloated lobes of gas swelling off it, announcing its death throes.
(26) The fruit mixes with the putrefying other food and produces gas and hence you will bloat!
(27) An MDL version of the model ensures the model does not bloat or fragment over time when categories are deleted.
(28) The other health problem in Borzoi(and any deep-chested dog)is the occurrence of bloat and torsion.
(29) Just two capsules a day help metabolize protein, eliminate bloat and detoxify your system.
(30) Like strong - smelling preserved bean curd like somebody, some people also preference this one, like to eat namely bloat black duck 's egg , had eaten also never mind is unusual.
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