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Diminution in a sentence

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Sentence count:48Posted:2016-11-22Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: declinedecreasereductionstep-downSimilar words: diminutiveminuterecriminationdiscriminationdiminishconstitutional conventionsolutionlimitationMeaning: [‚dɪmɪ'njuːʃn]  n. 1. change toward something smaller or lower 2. the statement of a theme in notes of lesser duration (usually half the length of the original) 3. the act of decreasing or reducing something. 
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1, The company suffered a diminution in profits.
2, He experienced no diminution of his physical strength.
3, Regular exercise can result in a general diminution in stress levels.
4, A magnification or a diminution reveals the same pattern.
5, Any diminution in the number of survivors would imperil the chance for continuation.
6, The design can be changed with no diminution in the value of the product.
7, Indeed there seems to have been little diminution in this publishing bonanza up to the present time.
8, Disease may dampen down the appetite, and a diminution in the senses of taste or smell may make food less appealing.
9, Publishers would surely lose some money in a diminution of their sale of overstock hardcover books to discount stores.
10, I could hear the diminution of talk, the quieting of the clatter of passing platters, the scratchy hiss of whispering.
11, Thus diminution of prostacyclin production and stimulation of platelet aggregation both mediated by lipid peroxides could contribute to thrombosis on atheromatous plaques.
12, Cohen saw no diminution in the threat from those two countries.
13, He disregarded the Navigator's diminution of his name, perhaps sensing the undertone, this time, of almost fond indebtedness.
14, Their analyses downplayed the diminution of government support to those left behind.
15, His reaction was that this was a diminution of the occasion in protocol terms.
16, They hope for a small diminution in taxes.
17, The amount lost by gradual diminution or waste.
18, They are hoping for a small diminution in taxes.
19, The government tried to prevent the diminution of resources.
20, It demonstrated that the increase of problem solving, diminution of fantasy(, and abreaction may predict positive Internet use's effect on middle school students.
21, Provision for diminution in value of foreign investment are the number of ready?
22, The severe disruption to the samian industry in Central Gaul caused an immediate diminution in high grade pottery production.
23, In a minimal deficit, the only manifestation may be unilateral diminution of arm swing during spontaneous walking.
24, In future Castle will only make provision for amortisation of audio copyrights for permanent diminution in value.
25, In some instances this is welcome,[] but the price paid is a diminution in solidarity.
26, The proliferation of personal computers in the last decade has often, embarrassingly, gone with an actual diminution in methodological sophistication.
27, Looking at the administrative and financial arrangements more generally, the diminution of political concern is remarkable.
28, But as time wore on priests found themselves facilitating their own diminution.
29, Objective To study the relationship between cleanliness of children′s hands and diminution of Ascaris lumbricoides infection.
30, The progress of science has seemed to mean the enlargement of the material universe and the diminution of man's importance.
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