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Dart in a sentence

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Synonym: castdashflinghurryrushscootscurrythrowtossSimilar words: radarstandardboundarycalendarin the darksecondarythe dark agesartMeaning: [dɑːt]  n. 1. a small narrow pointed missile that is thrown or shot 2. a tapered tuck made in dressmaking 3. a sudden quick movement. v. 1. move along rapidly and lightly; skim or dart 2. run or move very quickly or hastily 3. move with sudden speed. 
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1. She made a dart for the exit.
2. The child made a sudden dart across the road.
3. She made a dart for the door.
4. The prisoner made a dart for the door.
5. Markov died after being struck by a poison dart.
6. A gamekeeper tranquillized the rhinoceros with a drugged dart.
7. It sent a dart of terror through her.
8. Nina felt a sudden dart of panic.
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9. The Dart is a delightful river with a profusion of wild flowers along its banks.
10. Finally we arrived at Dartmouth, where the River Dart joins the sea.
11. Car horns toot as cyclists dart precariously through the traffic.
12. Dart, who had at first been very tense, at last relaxed.
13. The dogs were tranquillized with a dart gun and taken to a shelter.
14. She felt a dart of tension.
15. The mouse made a dart for its hole.
16. Kruger tried to brush the dart from his robe.
17. Young men thronged the six dart boards.
18. Jehana was fitting a dart into the blowpipe.
19. Being a mere 60 inches wide you can dart and squeeze into even the smallest of gaps.
20. The taser fires a two-pronged dart that overrides the central nervous system and causes uncontrollable muscle contractions.
21. The dart at her window speaks of no twisted fantasy.
22. Knowing that the barracuda would dart forward the moment he fired, Trent aimed half way down the jaw.
23. To whack it over the net, land a dart in it.
24. His eyes still dart around the room looking for a weapon.
25. The game wardens tranquillized the rhinoceros with a drugged dart.
26. In clearer water, one encounters shoals of tiny fish, which dart hither and thither like flights of arrows.
27. He advanced on him only for an exquisite googly to dip and dart through the gap to bruise the off stump.
28. Mr Wakerley told the jury that Sams kidnapped Julie Dart by pretending to be a client.
29. Centaury got its name from the centaur, which cured itself from a poisoned dart with this pink flower.
30. If the killer comes prowling around to their side of the tree, they simply dart to the blind side again.
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