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Ferromagnetic in a sentence

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Sentence count:93Posted:2017-01-27Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: electromagneticmagneticdiamagneticparamagneticmagnetic fieldmagnetismmagnetgeneticMeaning: adj. relating to or demonstrating ferromagnetism. 
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1 CVT high voltage fuse; blow; ferromagnetic resonance; saturation; analysis.
2 Both stator and rotor are made of ferromagnetic materials.
3 The first structure (12) includes a ferromagnetic material.
4 The anisotropic magnetic effect of ferromagnetic films is discussed.
5 The ferroelectromagnetic lattice is a magnetoelectric coupling system in which the ferroelectric order and(anti)ferromagnetic order coexist simultaneously below a certain temperature.
6 Measuring ferromagnetic component volt - ampere characteristic in low frequency condition can offset deficiency of power - frequency experiment.
7 A number of rather exotic ferromagnetic materials have been studied to this end.
8 An easier method of measuring Curre Points of ferromagnetic materials has been presented through an experiment. Its principle is to observe the disappearance of the magnetic hysteresis loop.
9 In other words, it is ferromagnetic, a property shared by no other instance of carbon's many structures (called allotrope).
10 Can we make semiconductors that are ferromagnetic at room temperature?
11 The ferromagnetic resonance stabilized voltage supply and silicon - controlled rectifier are introduced briefly on early railway coach.
12 The relationships between the grain size of ferromagnetic material and the strength and waveform characteristic parameters of Barkhausen noise (BN) were studied.
13 Barkhausen effect is produced by ferromagnetic material under varying magnetic field, it can be used as a new method for nondestructive testing of residual stress.
14 The thermodynamic properties of ferromagnetic substance are given and used to discuss the performance of a magnetic Stirling refrigeration cycle. Some general conclusions are obtained.
15 For ferromagnetic material, the demagnetizing field is almost opposite to the magnetizing field.
16 The friction coefficient of ferromagnetic flow under boundary lubrication exhibits regular change in the presence of applied direct electric fields.
17 A new developed technique in nondestructive testing for residual stress of the ferromagnetic materials is discussed.
18 The temperature dependence of exchange bias and coercivity of ferromagnetic layer and antiferromagnetic gain layer is discussed.
19 The distinct differences on the domain structures in MFM images were observed due to the non-traditional ferromagnetic nature of the semiconductor nanostructures.
20 The self - magnetization and the magnetic domains are two basic properties of the ferromagnetic materials.
21 Magnetopneumography is a method to identify dust loads by measuring the remanent field of ferromagnetic dust respired into the lungs. It's a non-invasive, highly sensitive and reproducible technique.
22 Using spin wave theory and the equation of motion technique for the Green function, specific heat of ferromagnetic antiferromagnetic double layers at low temperature is investigated.
23 A design of differential stress sensor with six magnetic pole based on counter magnetostriction effect of ferromagnetic materials is given, and the torsion test and uni-tension stress test are made.
24 The variation of the peak peak value with the depth of rectangular slot was affected by magnetization of ferromagnetic material.
25 We study the equilibrium and non-equilibrium Kondo effect in series-coupled double quantum dots connected to ferromagnetic leads both in parallel and antiparallel configurations.
26 The text mostly study the hysteresis model of the ferromagnetic material.
27 The numerical analysis shows that it is reasonable to use magnetostrictive material model to analyze the magnetoelastic buckling of cantilevered ferromagnetic plates in transverse magnetic field.
28 Meanwhile, a stator slot wedge 70 is arranged in the non ferromagnetic material slot 90 opening to fix the stator coil 60,( air gap is provided between the stator core 40 and the stator core 10.
29 According to this paper, the frequency and intensity of the signal attenuation on transmission line are mainly depended on the ferromagnetic resonance frequency and eddy current loss.
30 Stress Effect on the Spectrum of Magnetic Induced Waveform in Ferromagnetic Steels.
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