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Divert in a sentence

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Synonym: amuseconfusedelightdetractdistractentertaintickleSimilar words: diversediversitybiodiversitydivedrevertadvertcovertsubvertMeaning: [daɪ'vɜːt]  v. 1. turn aside; turn away from 2. send on a course or in a direction different from the planned or intended one 3. occupy in an agreeable, entertaining or pleasant fashion 4. withdraw (money) and move into a different location, often secretly and with dishonest intentions. 
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1. The company should divert more resources into research.
2. John used to divert himself with billiards.
3. If you haul hard you will divert the fish.
4. To prevent flooding; we shall have to divert the river from its course.
5. How can we divert her thoughts from her sad loss?
6. Such games divert the children.
7. Traffic was ordered to divert to another road.
8. He'd been trying to divert suspicion away from himself.
9. Don't divert the subject into a side issue.
10. The crime crackdown is an attempt to divert attention from social problems.
11. The government is trying to divert more public funds from west to east.
12. The government is trying to divert attention away from the economy.
13. Canals divert water from the Truckee River into the lake.
14. They have persuaded the authorities to divert the flight path of the military jets away from their village.
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15. Traffic was ordered to divert to another road because of the repair of the main road.
16. The government is planning to divert the river to supply water to the town.
17. Remember to divert your phone when you are out of the office.
18. He instructed switchboard staff to divert all Laura's calls to him.
19. They want to divert the attention of the people from the real issues.
20. Its products also absorb and divert electrical energy.
21. Nor can Major divert attention with good news.
22. I had to divert him pretty quickly!
23. Local NGOs thus divert resources and personnel out of the public health services.
24. She began to divert from the path, tracing a semicircular route round the bonnet of the car.
25. Local economic development strategies divert attention and resources of government away from direct efforts to resolve social problems. 7.
26. The need would be to show, against reasonable expectation, that the second did not divert attention from the first.
27. The administration's emphasis on the drop in inflation is just a smokescreen to divert attention from rising unemployment.
28. They know how to make themselves look good, and they also know how to divert attention from the less flattering stories.
29. She was pushing his body to the limits of its endurance to divert and ease the strain on his spirit.
30. Disguise Disguise your steps with feints that make the opponent blink, or which divert his attention elsewhere.
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