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Modify in a sentence

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Synonym: adjustalterchangediversifyfixqualifyvarySimilar words: commoditysodiummodemodelmodestdiffermoderatejustifyMeaning: ['mɑdɪfaɪ /'mɒ-]  v. 1. make less severe or harsh or extreme 2. add a modifier to a constituent 3. cause to change; make different; cause a transformation. 
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1. adverbs are used to modify verbs and adjectives.
2. The union has been forced to modify its position.
3. Adverbs are used to modify verbs and adjectives.
4. Established practices are difficult to modify.
5. The club members did agree to modify their recruitment policy.
6. The feedback will be used to modify the course for next year.
7. You may need to modify your plans a little.
8. We had to slightly modify the original design.
9. Patients are taught how to modify their diet.
10. She won't modify her demands.
11. He'll have to modify his views if he wants to be elected.
12. Adults often modify their language when talking to young children. It is also the word you use when you are talking about making changes to the design of something:The design of the car has been modified for racing.
13. You'd better modify your tone.
14. Would you modify a car so pure?
15. In deciding objectives, be prepared to modify your views.
16. Well, they replied,[] sometimes the hardware companies modify it.
17. How do such distortions modify the conclusions reached in the previous Lecture about the incidence of the corporation tax?
18. The fitters laboured to modify the jeeps for desert travel and to a completely novel specification.
19. Users can reportedly modify the workflow process on the fly.
20. Kvaerner said it will modify existing facilities and produce and install new modules on the field.
21. Please ensure that you have the privilege to modify the modules.
22. Modify your computer so menus and desktop put your stationery, programs and favorite Web destination a mouse click away.
23. They also modify the accountant's certificate to refer to controlled trust money.
24. Instead of simply punishing them, the system encourages offenders to modify their behaviour.
25. It is a rule of English that adjectives generally precede the noun they modify: we say "a good cry", not "a cry good".
26. The superoxide generated may have a direct cytotoxic effect or it may interact with inflammatory mediators to modify the inflammatory process.
27. For we may not be able to control the behaviour or attitudes of others, but we can modify our own responses.
28. When he soundly supported the principle of women priests they made him modify his statement.
29. Rutt also drew upon the 1659 record to annotate, supplement, and modify Burton's.
30. After doing a preliminary design, you would think about it, modify it and then knit it.
More similar words: commoditysodiummodemodelmodestdiffermoderatejustifytestifyqualifyspecifygratifynullifyaccommodatediffidentdifferentdifficultclassifyidentifydifferencediffer frommake a difference
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