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Bafflement in a sentence

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Sentence count:22Posted:2017-02-06Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: bafflebaffledclementelementinclementelementsimplementelementaryMeaning: n. confusion resulting from failure to understand. 
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1. His reaction was one of bafflement.
2. The general response was one of understandable bafflement.
3. Their bafflement is increased when they find such major changes made.
4. I responded with typical teenage indifference and bafflement born of ignorance. "Sheez, Mom, I'm only an hour away.
5. Seeing the spreading bafflement on the Brown' faces, he adds 'It's his philosophical position and beliefs I'm trying to get at here.
5. Wish you can benefit from and make progress everyday!
6. A year later, in 1242, to European bafflement and relief, they turned round and went back again.
7. What I feel now is a sense of bafflement: why did I deprive myself the pleasure of chamber music for so long?
8. The vice president professed bafflement on what President Kim Jong Il hopes to achieve in the latest standoff with the international community.
9. Despite the interborough bafflement, Brooklyn has been a genuine part of the land of the free since day one, that is, July 4, 1776.
10. I remember my own bafflement when, while still at school, I tried to read his pamphlet The 18th Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte.
11. But their bafflement turned to suspicion when it emerged that Oide apparently had everything to live for.
12. Film critics aren't supposed to confess bafflement at the end of a review, but that's what I feel here.
13. She tallied up the revelations, and put all the signs of apathy and bafflement out of mind.
14. Rowboats, a few feet out to sea, moored empty, shrug their bafflement.
15. Hilda seemed to be getting more animated as her own bafflement and distress increased.
16. Some 35 penalties were awarded, the teams occasionally shaking their heads in bafflement.
17. At first the class met the request with utter bafflement.
18. Boosted by a tremendous buzzing racket, the ghost slowly rises into the sky, leaving behind the empty box and quiet bafflement.
19. However, the interview, conducted by Patti Smith, shows Depp was unfazed by the studio's bafflement.
20. The fact that the question needs to be asked is indicative of the enduring bafflement with which we regard Japanese pop culture.
21. If their comfort and familiarity with Nature is an attribute of magicals, then their bafflement with Muggles ' investment in machinery is part of the difference between the two peoples as well.
22. No doubt many Westerners have left Chinese museum or cultural site tours asking questions out of equal bafflement.
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