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Aquaculture in a sentence

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Sentence count:69Posted:2017-03-14Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: cultureculturedmonocultureagriculturehorticulturemulticulturalculturalcultural lagMeaning: n. rearing aquatic animals or cultivating aquatic plants for food. 
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1. The material that pasturage aquaculture produces is feed.
2. The sea area of 6 hectares of freshwater aquaculture.
3. Apiculture is a kind of traditional aquaculture.
4. The operator is Great Bay Aquaculture, a fish-farming company.
5. Aquaculture potential is tremendous, lie to change quickly level.
6. The township, to plantation industry and the aquaculture industry.
7. Cultivate course of study to face dilemma, aquaculture also has difficulty walking.
8. Turbot is one of the main aquaculture species of flatfish in China, but its stagnant market is one of the bottleneck problems in aquaculture industry.
9. Increased freshwater aquaculture, poultry and grass - based animal husbandry and other supportive efforts.
10. Small-scale fish farmers are also guilty of poor aquaculture practices, but as one charity worker engaged in fishpond recovery put it, "their potential to do harm is much less."
11. One , I save aquaculture to obtain great progress and new progress.
12. Conception of bioremediation, aquaculture self-pollution and main bioremediation technologies are reviewed in the paper.
13. The abalone Haliotis diversicolor aquatilis is an important aquaculture species in southeast coastal areas of China. It is significative to study the spawning induction of abalones .
14. The agriculture aquaculture industry now provides almost half the fish eaten worldwide.
15. Used as a starting fodder in the aquaculture ( industrial fish - farming, shellfish - farming ).
16. The aquaculture industry now provides almost half the fish eaten worldwide.
17. They can also cause big problems for coastal fisheries, aquaculture operations and the tourist industry.
18. Fish meal is mainly used as a high - protein supplement in aquaculture feed.
19. Thousands of cobia swirl around the center of a traditional deepwater fish-farming, or aquaculture, cage off Puerto Rico in 2007.
20. Sinonovacula constricta ( Lamarck ) , a kind of mollusks , is important in marine aquaculture.
21. This article gives a general introduction to the role of Cephalopoda in China ocean fishery, its biological characteristics, aquaculture research achievements and exploitation prospect.
22. Ocean University of China in southern Qingdao is a university offering such programs as oceanology and aquaculture. Many of the school buildings are European in style.
23. One of the island's most popular cultural attractions is the Kalokoeli Fishpond, where ancient Hawaiians once practiced a remarkably sophisticated form of aquaculture.
24. We focus on: renewable energy , titanicum technology , aquaculture technology, IMAX projects.
25. At same time, same relationships should be handled properly, such as protecting farmers' interests and safeguarding aquaculture industry, direct and indirect protection measures,(sentencedict .com) etc.
26. Nonsulfuric purple bacteria PS2 is a strain isolated from sediment of shrimp aquaculture ponds.
27. Astaxanthin is one kind of ketonic type carotenoid, often serves as aquaculture animal′s such as the fish and shrimp feed additives.
28. Dissolved inorganic nutrient (DIN) of the aquacultural environment is one of the main pollutions from aquaculture.
29. The results indicated that FB123 strain possesses fairly strong depuration of the aquaculture wastewater, and has potential application value in improving water quality of aquaculture.
30. Epizootic outbreaks of fish diseases that caused by parasites are increasingly common as a result of intensive aquaculture, fish farming and sea ranching .
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