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Deviate in a sentence

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Synonym: aberrantdegeneratedepartdeviantdivergedivertpervertvarySimilar words: alleviatedevicealleviationdevice characteristicnegotiateinitiateassociateimmediateMeaning: ['diːvɪeɪt]  n. a person whose behavior deviates from what is acceptable especially in sexual behavior. v. 1. be at variance with; be out of line with 2. turn aside; turn away from 3. cause to turn away from a previous or expected course. adj. markedly different from an accepted norm. 
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1. We never deviate from our principles.
2. Output may deviate from the average by as much as 30%.
3. Deviate from socialism and China will inevitably retrogress to semi - feudalism and semi - colonialism .
4. We had to deviate significantly from our usual route.
5. I will never deviate from what I believe to be right.
6. The bus had to deviate from its usual route because of a road closure.
7. The plane had to deviate from its normal flight path.
8. Don't deviate from major issues.
9. Periodically the car may deviate from the road.
10. Real gases also deviate more from ideal gas behaviour at lower temperatures.
11. In particular those who deviate from society's values must be brought back into line.
12. The screenplay does not deviate very much from the book.
13. Only that essential easing down of training should deviate from the norm.
14. Should a solicitor deviate from the rules of conduct then sanctions can be imposed by the profession.
15. Members of each stratum were not expected to deviate from certain prescribed occupations.
16. All liquid mixtures deviate from ideal behaviour to a greater or lesser extent.
17. So do not deviate by mixing your opinions with the facts.
18. Stale images cancel one's perception and deviate one's motivation.
19. Pull you back if you deviate of the direction.
20. It would unconscionable to deviate from it.
21. Don't deviate from the rules.
22. Take care not to deviate.
23. Should China deviate from the path of peaceful development, it will step into an abyss of unredeemable depth.
24. Chromosome numbers which deviate from the normal number of chromosomes for a species are said to be heteroploid.
25. Hopes of advancement in the company may curb any inclination to deviate from the requirements of superiors.
26. He expressed himself in favour of ideological purity, strictly in accordance with Marx, Engels, and Lenin,[] and for purging members who deviate.
27. They are people dedicated to seeing that corporate goals and cultures do not deviate from the chosen path.
28. They may even drive on occasions but must not deviate from the agreed route except where reasonable to protect the child.
29. Men think it would undermine their position at work to deviate from the usual schedule.
30. Make up your mind that whatever the short-term temptations may be, you will never deviate from the highest standards of honour.
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