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Doe in a sentence

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Sentence count:121Posted:2016-11-08Updated:2016-12-13
Synonym: DOEDepartment of EnergyEnergyEnergy DepartmentMeaning: [dəʊ]  n. 1. the federal department responsible for maintaining a national energy policy of the United States; created in 1977 2. mature female of mammals of which the male is called `buck'. 
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1, Educaton does not mean teaching people to kow what they do not know ; it means teachng them to behave as they do not behave. 
2, That which does not kill us makes us stronger. Friedrich Nietzsche 
3, Man does not live by bread alone. 
4, A borrowed cloak does not keep one warm. 
5, When you go to Rome, do as Rome does
6, He who does not rise early never does a good day’s work. 
7, The living man who does not learn is dark, dark like one walking in the night. 
8, Yesterday is dead, forget it; tomorrow does not exist, don't worry; today is here, use it. 
9, Do in Rome as Rome does
10, What the eye does not see, the heart does not grieve over. 
11, The fool does think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool. 
12, The cowl (or hood) does not make the monk. 
13, He who does not honour his wife, dishonours himself. 
14, A little of what you fancy does you good. 
15, jiddu Krishnamurti, lndia-born religious philosop Aman who does not know what passion is will never knowlove because love can come into being only when there is total self aban -donment . 
16, The DoE tell me in a letter that they are free from indemnity.
17, The farmer bought a doe.
18, Doe case that public schools were obligated to educate all children,( even those in the country illegally.
19, The signature at the bottom, clinched it: Jane Doe - which is a synonym for The-Woman-in-the-Street.
20, Yet with the help of the DoE they are now prepared to pay almost £300,000 removing it.
21, The DoE was able to confirm that most of the advertisers involved had not obtained their consent.
22, It is not true suffering ennobles the character; happiness does that sometimes, but suffering, for the most part, makes men petty and vindictive. 
23, Expericence is not what happens to a man ; it is what a man does with what happens to him. 
24, Propagada is the art of persuading others of what one does not beliver oneself. 
25, He who says what he likes shall hear what he does not like. 
26, A wanderer who is determined to reach his destination does not fear the rain. 
27, Then from 1968-70. he played bass trombone and tuba with Doe Severinson s band.
28, It later appeared to have succeeded in organizing talks between Johnson and Doe, managing to tread a carefully neutral path.
29, The inspector will then make a recommendation - though this is occasionally ignored by the DoE.
30, Taylor had consistently made it known that he would not agree to a ceasefire until Doe had resigned and left the country.
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