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Anticlimax in a sentence

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Similar words: anticlockwiseclimateacclimateacclimatizationantimatterfranticromanticatlanticMeaning: n. 1. a disappointing decline after a previous rise 2. a change from a serious subject to a disappointing one. 
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1. It was an anticlimax when they abandoned the game.
2. The holiday itself was rather an anticlimax after all the excitement of planning it.
3. Travelling in Europe was something of an anticlimax after the years he'd spent in Africa.
4. From Sainsbury's, the antipasto that isn't an anticlimax.
5. It turned into something of an anticlimax.
6. After all that, the final part is an anticlimax[sentence dictionary], just a simple up-scroller.
7. There is no sense of possible anticlimax when reality cuts across Kemp's idealistic view of the girl.
8. Somehow it all seems a bit of an anticlimax after the bold legends of fax's pioneering days.
9. There was a vague sense of anticlimax mingled with her vast feeling of freedom.
10. She tried to dismiss the odd feeling of anticlimax she was experiencing.
11. The circus act came as anticlimax after the big build up given by the ring master.
12. When you really look forward to something it's often an anticlimax when it actually happens.
13. Coming home after a trip somewhere is always a bit of an anticlimax.
14. Barry's speech followed Dirk Bogarde's appearance, and was an inevitable anticlimax.
15. Going back to work after a month travelling in China was bound to be an anticlimax.
16. Even when you win a match there's often a sense of anticlimax - you always feel you could have played better.
17. Within a few months she would solo(, in a flight that was a bit of an anticlimax.
18. After all the hype, the actual concert was something of an anticlimax.
19. But in the last pages Chailly slackens the pulse again, and instead of an ending to exhilarate and thrill we have anticlimax.
20. Before the listener knows where he is, the mounting tension is lifted in a pianissimo anticlimax.
21. After the fine performance in the first act, the rest of the play was an anticlimax.
22. In fact, one of the most common game failures is anticlimax.
23. Late in the Alexandrian period, Pappus'additions to geometry came as a sort of anticlimax.
24. After all this, the bottle of wine inside the silk bag could only be an anticlimax.
25. It was sad that his international career should end in such anticlimax.
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