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Antibiotic in a sentence

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Synonym: antibiotic drugSimilar words: bioticmacrobioticidioticfranticgiganticromanticatlanticpedanticMeaning: [‚æntɪ'baɪɑtɪk /-ɒtɪk]  n. a chemical substance derivable from a mold or bacterium that kills microorganisms and cures infections. adj. of or relating to antibiotic drugs. 
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1. Our doctor diagnosed a throat infection and prescribed antibiotic and junior aspirin.
2. I had forgotten to take my dose of antibiotic.
3. They expect the antibiotic products to be exported to Southeast Asia and Africa..
4. Some types of antibiotic are used to promote growth in farm animals.
5. The antibiotic ointment will prevent infection.
6. Moreover, the problem of antibiotic resistance is global.
7. Opinions vary as to how long antibiotic treatment should last, and periods differ between four and twenty-one days.
8. We recommend the following guidelines for antibiotic treatment of acne in both hospital and general practice.
9. At a nearby Safeway pharmacy an incorrect antibiotic was dispensed for a small girl.
10. Treat the wasps with an antibiotic and, lo and behold, two genders reappear among the offspring.
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11. That's enough to provide 100 antibiotic tablets to fight infections and sufficient vaccine to protect four children from polio for life.
12. Fire blight is treated with a streptomycin antibiotic during bloom.
13. There were two startling things about antibiotic resistance in pathogenic bacteria.
14. Twelve of these children received previous antibiotic therapy for various reasons, with possible inadvertent effects on the diagnosis of H pylori.
15. A second explanation is that antibiotic production is rooted in the plant material that is the food source.
16. During this antibiotic treatment the patient experienced no relief of symptoms.
17. Before antibiotic treatment was used, the condition was universally fatal.
18. Despite aggressive antibiotic therapy, the epidemic strain continued to be isolated from his sputum and subsequently from blood cultures.
19. In our patient all cultures were negative and antibiotic treatment had no effect.
20. She received an 11-day course of empirical antibiotic therapy and was discharged.
21. Genes that have great clinical importance include those responsible for antibiotic resistance.
22. She says she now verifies all medications. At a nearby Safeway pharmacy an incorrect antibiotic was dispensed for a small girl.
23. Reduced numbers of intestinal mucosal plasma cells have been reported, with a return to normal values after antibiotic treatment.
24. Importantly, 27 patients carried two or more strains with different antibiotic resistances.
25. The cleavage pattern of the remainder of the insert is unaffected by the antibiotic.
26. It can sometimes be difficult to decide when to start antibiotic therapy.
27. In more serious cases your doctor may prescribe you an oral antibiotic which will reduce the number of sore and inflamed spots.
28. Loi felt very unwell, and Joe was trying to treat the infection with a different type of antibiotic.
29. This is distinctly uncommon in our era of widespread antibiotic usage.
30. Cefotiame 2 g intravenously two times daily was used for antibiotic treatment of the cholecystitis.
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