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Semantics in a sentence

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Similar words: romanticmathematicspedanticanticipateantisepticdemanddemand ofstatisticsMeaning: [sɪ'mæntɪks]  n. the study of language meaning. 
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1. My ideas on semantics needed more careful exploration.
2. A clearer distinction is that between semantics and pragmatics.
3. Lexical semantics refers to the meaning of individual words.
4. Perhaps the debate is over semantics.
5. Some would argue that above semantics lies a level concerned with the use of language in its social context.
6. This involves information about syntax, semantics, discourse structure, pragmatics and knowledge of the world.
7. In this case, the relative weighting of lexical:syntax:semantics could be 4:2:1.
8. These include for example syntax and semantics, and the use of information about compounds, commonly used phrases and idioms.
9. Does this mean that the semantics of natural language can not deal with truth and falsity?
10. By a contortion of semantics he led the so-called Liberal Party.
11. Nevertheless, it is helpful to have some underlying semantics by which to judge the laws.
12. There was no point in quibbling over semantics so we went back to Mazzin.
13. The algebraic approach to programming language semantics has several features to recommend it.
14. Syntax describes the rules by which words can be combined into sentences, while semantics describes what they mean.
15. Sentence 9a illustrates another type of meeting point between grammar and semantics.
16. But the stakes are so much higher than the mere semantics of the laws relating to lifting at the lineout.
17. These problems alone would not make the prospects for the straight forward treatment of deictic sentences within truth-conditional semantics look very hopeful.
18. So the notion that pragmatics might be the study of aspects of meaning not covered in semantics certainly has some cogency.
19. A central question that remains, though, is whether the study of deixis belongs to semantics or to pragmatics.
20. The present project uses a highly eclectic definition of the word semantics.
21. The distinction between sentence and utterance is of fundamental importance to both semantics and pragmatics.
22. A text would entail its interpretation only if meaning was exhausted by sense, the coded or literal meanings studied by semantics.
23. It may be wondered why it is necessary, or even advantageous, to have two sorts of unit for lexical semantics.
24. At this level of specificity, therefore, these facts are of limited significance for a general study of lexical semantics.
24. is a online sentence dictionary, on which you can find nice sentences for a large number of words.
25. As regards metaphor, the cognitive approach appears to share something of both semantics and pragmatics.
26. However, they can be disentangled sufficiently to allow our study of lexical semantics to proceed.
27. And this is the sense relevant to the proposal that semantics is concerned with sentence-meaning, and pragmatics with utterance-meaning.
28. A more serious objection to the handling of characters in ordinary dictionaries involves semantics.
29. But if the lexicon is not complete, then neither is the syntax, semantics or phonology likely to be.
30. These causal relations are essential to what they mean: without semantics a language is an uninterpreted formal language.
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