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Anthropomorphism in a sentence

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Similar words: anthropomorphicanthropoidphilanthropyanthropologyphilanthropicanthropogenicphilanthropistanthropologistMeaning: n. the representation of objects (especially a god) as having human form or traits. 
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1. The plant analogy guaranteed freedom from anthropomorphism.
2. Nor was it a half-hearted anthropomorphism.
3. What is this anthropomorphism, and why do I see this landscape as male?
4. It does not refer to naive anthropomorphism, to childish notions of a kind of finite Person resident somewhere.
5. Crude anthropomorphism effectively closes the door to understanding of religion for most pupils.
6. Or is this just rampant anthropomorphism?
7. Really? Or is this just rampant anthropomorphism ?
8. This is a safety net to avoid anthropomorphism.
9. The term anthropomorphism has only one sense.
10. Science considers anthropomorphism toward animals a grave mistake, even a sin.
11. Then, according to the design principle of anthropomorphism, we conclude the concrete method of increasing the attraction of street green land by analyzing the affin...
12. Anthropomorphism, a distinct feature of Greek Mythology, is characterized as the similarity between gods and men, not only in appearance, but also in psychology, temperament and behavior.
13. One uses the language of anthropomorphism in saying that God sees, hears, knows, and loves.
14. This study sheds new light on anthropomorphism — the natural human tendency to interpret animal behavior in human terms, Horowitz said.
15. The comments on webcam sites are rife with anthropomorphism, not surprisingly, and even when this is pointed out(sentence dictionary), the contributors are often undaunted.
16. The canine and anthropomorphism are also a leitmotif in Carlos Amorales' Manimal (2005) as well.
17. The books 'Alice in Wonderland', 'Peter Rabbit' and 'Winnie-the-Pooh' are classic examples of anthropomorphism.
18. HOUSE-MARTINS Mud in their beaks, the house-martins are happy ... That's anthropomorphism.
19. Such concepts are unworthy of educated people and refer to anthropomorphism which has been misunderstood.
20. He said the portrayal of the penguins' mating rituals as a love story is a "major" case of anthropomorphism.
21. Such personification didn't play well at Cambridge; to impute individuality and emotion to nonhuman animals was anthropomorphism, not ethology.
22. The advice here is that if you’re shooting a series of images and need to choose a favorite, the photo that will get the most attention is the one with the greatest sense of anthropomorphism.
23. Many scientists in the 20th century dismissed such findings as unreliable, usually influenced by anthropomorphism, in other words, judging animals by human attributes.
24. And so it seems to me that science not only purifies the religious impulse of the dross of its anthropomorphism but also contributes to a religious spiritualization of our understanding of life.
25. The hybrid imagery crafted in the style of comic grotesque subverts the positivist epistemology and classification, and emanates a strong dynamic and pleasure of anthropomorphism.
26. What is the force or validity of Cleanthes claim that without anthropomorphism, the worship of deity is atheism?
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