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Amorphous in a sentence

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Sentence count:181Posted:2016-12-12Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: formlessshapelessuncrystalliseduncrystallizedunstructuredSimilar words: anthropomorphicfamoushousehouseholdhousingwarehousehumoroustimorousMeaning: [ə'mɔːfəs]  adj. 1. having no definite form or distinct shape 2. lacking the system or structure characteristic of living bodies 3. without real or apparent crystalline form. 
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1. A dark, strangely amorphous shadow filled the room.
2. I really can't understand his amorphous ideas.
3. These solids are said to be amorphous.
4. The molten rock hardens into amorphous forms.
5. In her later works, large, amorphous shapes seem to float on the canvas.
6. Aspiration cytology of the neck mass showed only amorphous, necrotic material.
7. Thus atactic polystyrene is amorphous but isotactic polystyrene is semi-crystalline.
8. The orientation of the chains of amorphous polymers on deformation.
9. An amorphous polymer in this state has been likened to a plate of frozen spaghetti.
10. Something that gives shape and meaning to the amorphous experience of waking up in a strange hotel room in a strange city.
11. We have already seen that amorphous materials such as polymers have chain structures.
12. This allows the onset of molecular motion in amorphous polymers to take place at temperatures below the melting temperature of such crystallites.
13. Microscopically the ores are medium grained to amorphous.
14. A storage cell in some amorphous memory devices.
15. The starch - containing cells may also contain amorphous protein known as gluten.
16. Amorphous materials have high strength and good properties of electromagnetism and corrosion-resistant.
17. Amorphous beryllium hydride , as ablator, can increase conversion from laser to X - rays .
18. The amorphous structure, surface morphology and activity center can be determined and characterized by XRD, EXAFS, DSC, SEM, TEM and XPS.
19. Model for rod and pipe extrudate of amorphous plastics cooled in water bath is built based on heat transfer theory.
20. This master curve is typical of those obtained on a number of amorphous polymers and to be found in the literature.
21. Their organisation and internal structures were normally fluid, even amorphous.
22. From the sundeck one could see a hillside with growths of ponderosa and scores of sparkling amorphous swimming pools.
23. A crystalline sample of GPA is melted, then chilled rapidly in ice-water to form a brittle amorphous mass.
24. It was a quilt, working its way across the floor like some amorphous animal.
25. This model remains today the best For simple glasses, such as silica, and many of the new amorphous semiconductors.
26. Led by some bishops, we have replaced spirituality with an amorphous concern for the material needs of others.
26. Wish you can benefit from our online sentence dictionary and make progress every day!
27. Although Patriots capture headlines and boast of a massive underground movement, they are so amorphous that counting them is guesswork.
28. Oxide film was determinated with X - ray diffractometry and scanning electron microscopy exhibited amorphous and ceramic structure.
29. Recent development of theory and application of the RUSM (rhomb unit structural model) for amorphous alloys are reviewed.
30. The magnetic sensor has characteristics of high sensitivity and quick response due to the amorphous wires excited directly by sharp pulse train current containing amount of harmonic signals.
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