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Polymorphic in a sentence

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Similar words: polymorphousisomorphicanthropomorphicmorphinepolymeramorphousmorphologymetamorphosisMeaning: adj. 1. relating to the crystallization of a compound in two or more different forms 2. relating to the occurrence of more than one kind of individual (independent of sexual differences) in an interbreeding population 3. having or occurring in several distinct forms. 
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1) Composite Reuse Principle: polymorphic composition of objects over inheritance.
2) You are defining polymorphic derived classes.
3) Man is both polymorphic and polytypic.
4) A polymorphic interface DLL used to enhance, or extend the operation of a parent application.
5) The average heterozygosity of offspring and polymorphic information content ( PIC ) etc were lower than those of their parents.
6) Hibernate query language realized polymorphic association query and dynamic query.
7) Objective: To compare the difference of randomly amplified polymorphic DNA segments and fatty acid composition among Nocardia farcinica and other 3 Nocardia species.
8) Of these bands, 114 were polymorphic, and the percentage of polymorphic bands ( PPB ) was 95.00 %.
9) Human serum potently induces hyphal development of the polymorphic fungal pathogen Candida albicans, a phenotype that contributes critically to infections.
10) Polymorphic behavior of syndiotactic polypropylene (s - PP) crystallized from the melt under different conditions has been investigated by WAXD and DSC.
11) Random amplified polymorphic DNA(RAPD) technology uses a 10 base sequences primer through PCR amplification to detect the genetic polymorphism of the organismic genome.
12) The proportion of polymorphic loci and the mean average heterozygosity of the population were 24%and 0.086, respectively.
13) Totally 78 polymorphic DNA loci were amplified by 10 RAP D primers.
14) Methods: The strains are analyzed using random amplified polymorphic DNA ( RAPD ).
15) Simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers are highly polymorphic, codominant,( well-repeated and convenient. It has become a useful molecular marker technique in studying plant genetics and breeding.
16) In comparison with female parents, 18 polymorphic bands are specific bands, namely SSR polymorphism.
17) Methods Random amplified polymorphic DNA(RAPD)was used to test 30 Fagopyrum tataricum. The NTSYS software was used to analyze the marks.
18) Randon amplified polymorphic DNA(RAPD) method was applied to detect genetic diversity of 48 velvetleaf germplasm of China, provided biological foundation for the utilization and seed breeding.
19) The histocompatibility genes, which determine more than the passwords but are themselves responsible for susceptibility to disease, are richly polymorphic.
20) It is not prickly heat, it is more likely to be Polymorphic Light Eruption, an allergy to the sunshine.
21) DNA samples were harvested from 11 Boer billy goat and amplified by 10 selected arbitrary primers, and 113 markers including 31 polymorphic markers were observed.
22) Furthermore, some characters were found to be associated with two or more polymorphic alleles, nearby in the same linkage group.
23) This paper describes the use of DSC to determine the characteristics of a polymorphic system.
24) Objective To isolate the microsatellite DNA of Phlebotomus chinensis and screen the polymorphic loci.
25) This constraint disqualifies the use of this analysis for polymorphic viruses.
26) Zygosity in all same-sex and same-blood-group twin pairs was determined by 16 polymorphic markers.
27) The genetic relationships of 64 Chinese date cultivars were analysed using random amplified polymorphic DNA ( RAPD ).
28) Elymus canadensis, E. sibiricus and their Hybrid F1, F2 were analyzed by using random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) markers.
29) This study was focused on the kinship among intragroup individuals and between groups in the hibernating greater tube-nosed bat (Murina leucogaster) populations with random amplified polymorphic DNA.
30) Objective To monitor the hospital infection of Klebsiella pneumoniae by randomly amplified polymorphic DNA ( RAPD ) assay.
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