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Morpheme in a sentence

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Similar words: morphmorphinemorphosisamorphousmorphologyisomorphicpseudomorphmetamorphismMeaning: ['mɔrfɪːm /'mɔːfɪːm]  n. minimal meaningful language unit; it cannot be divided into smaller meaningful units. 
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(1) The word 'like' contains one morpheme but 'un-like-ly' contains three.
(2) The morpheme is the smallest unit of language that expresses meaning and is governed by the grammatical rules of the language.
(3) However, similar effects are also observable across morpheme boundaries and to some extent also within the morpheme.
(4) Spelling changes may occur at the morpheme boundaries resulting in slight changes to the surface string produced by the morpheme combinations.
(5) Morpheme absorption is a form of semantic deviations.
(6) A superposition compound is composed of two uniform morpheme.
(7) Morpheme: the smallest meaningful unit of language.
(8) Describing the morpheme order of bisyllabic copulative compound.
(9) Allomorph: any of the different form of a morpheme.
(10) In terms of inner composition, single - morpheme words and compound words approximate in number.
(11) In some cases, a morpheme may have variable forms, known as allomorphs, conditioned phonologically, morphologically, grammatically and lexically.
(12) The inverse morpheme words are constituted by two disyllable compound words characterizing the same constitution morpheme and different combination order of morpheme.
(13) In meaning aspect, metonym mechanism not only transfers morpheme meaning, but also expands new sense category by transfering meaning, and transforms whole lexical semantic system as well.
(14) Stem: any morpheme or combination of morphemes to which inflectional affix can be added.
(15) A free morpheme is one which can be uttered alone with meaning. It can exist on its own without a bound morpheme.
(16) Will discuss concepts such as phoneme, morpheme, affix, rules and constraints.
(17) The language unit below word is morpheme and that above word is phrase.
(18) The second part: I divide the Single Morpheme Word and categorize them according to the standard.
(19) The morpheme repeated prime paradigm was used to probe the mental representation of compound words.
(20) The inverse morphemes word pairs are a pair of words which is constructed by two disyllable compound words characterizing the same constitution morpheme and different combination order of morpheme.
(21) Distinguishing between regular morpheme sequences and irregular morpheme sequences is the foundation of language acquisition.
(22) For others, syllable and character represent at most not a word but rather a morpheme, the smallest unit of meaning.
(23) A stem can be a bound root a free morpheme, or a derived form itself.
(24) This paper focuses on the grammaticalization in the Liangshan Yi Speech, the free morpheme has changed to the affix, functional word or syntactic marker.
(25) "Conversion" (called sometimes "full conversion") is a word-formation process by which a word is altered from one part of speech into another without the addition (or deletion) of any morpheme.
(26) A stem can be a bound root, a free morpheme, or air jordans iii a derived form itself.
(27) Nominalization occurs not only at word level, but also at morpheme level, and its cognitive mechanism is metonym.
(28) A multiplex compound is composed of two or more than two different morpheme.
(29) The meanings of English monomorphemic ergative verbs are often self-contained, while those of Chinese resultative-compounding ones are contained in the second morpheme.
(30) The characteristics lie in the aspects of semantic types, morpheme types and whether as independent sentences.
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