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Morphology in a sentence

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Similar words: amorphouspsychologyornithologyanthropomorphicapologytheologygeologybiologyMeaning: [mɔr'fɑlədʒɪ /mɔː'fɒ-]  n. 1. the branch of biology that deals with the structure of animals and plants 2. studies of the rules for forming admissible words 3. the admissible arrangement of sounds in words 4. the branch of geology that studies the characteristics and configuration and evolution of rocks and land forms. 
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(1) Dating a skull on the morphology has also severe limitations.
(2) There are significant differences in the morphology and degree of volcanic activity associated with these two types of rift.
(3) Signal morphology was analysed by the probability density function for the amount of time the signal spent away from the electrical baseline.
(4) In addition to those with macrophage morphology, a population of smaller and more densely stained cells, could be identified.
(5) Grammar is organized along two main dimensions: morphology and syntax.
(6) Finally within the context of small-town morphology, we might briefly consider the question of the location of cemeteries.
(7) Vertebrates have a much more intricate and sensitive morphology.
(8) As well as the morphology, the histochemistry of the preparations was evaluated using fluorescein-conjugated antibodies.
(9) The morphology of the system was simplified in a manner suited to the recognition task.
(10) Morphology of individual colonic pressure waves has eluded reliable classification.
(11) Inevitably, therefore, our understanding of the site's morphology is considerably clearer than its progressive stages of development.
(12) After 24 h the morphology of the pachytene cells is greatly reduced.
(13) Morphology was a laboratory-based subject that did not encourage detailed study of how animals adapted to their local environment.
(14) Evolutionary Morphology Darwin himself had done extensive morphological work in a detailed study of barnacles during the 1850s.
(15) Objective To investigate the morphology of normal parotid gland of the miniature pig ( mining ).
(16) Objective: To study how the depth and morphology of affected the dentinal stress distribution of the root of maxillary central incisor using three-dimensional-finite-element analysis.
(17) This paper presents a systematic study on morphology[], geochemistry and geochronology of a zircon population from the Danzhu granodiorite located in the southwest region of the Zhejiang province.
(18) This paper reports the morphology of Psoroptes netalensis and Psoroptes cuniculi collected from the body of buffalo and the era of the domestic rabbit in southwest of Sichuan, China.
(19) The Table shows the relation of the number of micro-organisms with both bacterial morphology and their modes of contact with gastric epithelium.
(20) Aerial survey in particular has revealed some of the intricacies of the site's internal morphology.
(21) He had a hungry face; in it Marge detected a morphology she recognized.
(22) All nerve fibres and terminals present seemed normal in number and morphology.
(23) Further evidence contradicting the traditional symmetric rift valley model comes from observations of their morphology and surface structure.
(24) The idea of fitness is a subtle one, and depends greatly on genetic make-up rather than morphology.
(25) These aspects of language performance are more under conscious control than are aspects of sentence structure and morphology.
(26) Here, as in other areas, we see ecology emerging from a deliberate revolt against the evolutionary morphology of earlier decades.
(27) The rings and networks have some classificatory characteristics in morphology.
(28) An application of cellular neural network ( CNN ) in mathematical morphology is presented.
(29) In conclusion, the cells found in the two cases reported may be described as gemmy ring like lymphocyte in morphology, a special subtype of ring like lymphocyte.
(30) The corresponding calculating program was written by MATLAB to calculate the fractal dimensions of box-counting in the morphology imagine of semi-solid primary phase in A356 alloy.
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