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Morph in a sentence

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Sentence count:30Posted:2017-05-13Updated:2017-05-13
Similar words: morphineamorphousmorphosismorphologyisomorphicpseudomorphpolymorphicpolymorphousMeaning: [mɔrf /mɔːf]  v. 1. cause to change shape in a computer animation 2. change shape as via computer animation. 
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(1) Watch those test scores rise, those outdated textbooks morph, those nonexistent supplies suddenly materialize.
(2) A software package called Morph selling for under $ 100 does this.
(3) Today's Ithaca could then morph into Homer's Doulichion.
(4) Run and watch the puzzle morph.
(5) This is a distinct morph of boa constrictor.
(6) Morph is an ability originally seen in the _ Onslaught TM block.
(7) This theory and progress of morph genetic materials are introduced in this paper.
(8) The potential exists for Hamas to morph into something entirely different.
(9) In some species, such as aphids, the flightless morph lacks wings and is called the apterous morph.
(10) Outsider offspring inherit a position outside of the morph - line between Mommy and Daddy.
(11) Already the fossils suggest that Australopithecus didn’t morph suddenly into Homo, but adapted in gradual(, piecemeal fashion.
(12) In general, there are two morphologically distinct morphs with long or short wings. The long-winged morph is normally able to fly, but the short-winged cannot.
(13) Habitual Mr Unavailable's don't change – they morph to suit their agenda.
(14) As users watch the sheep morph on their computer screen they can vote for the ones they like and vote down the ones they don't.
(15) It takes drastic chemical changes to morph a squirmy caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly, and scientists have estimated that this process requires loads of energy to go forward.
(16) Included are Celebrity Morph, Look - alike Meter , Celebrity Collage and Tag Photos.
(17) Methods: Morph genesis, function, nutritional status and occurred common diseases of 5737 school children and adolescents aged 6-13 in the region were surveyed with cluster multistage sampling method.
(18) We applied the new modifier Skin Morph to correct the deformations in the pleats.
(19) Blue asbestos is a fibrous variety (morph) derived from alkali hornblende and is a kind of special non—metallic mineral resources seldom seen.
(20) They warned that politicians, once infused with a sense of providential mission, could morph into smarmy tyrants.
(21) Everyone is like a butterfly, they start out ugly and awkward and then morph into beautiful graceful butterflies that everyone loves. Drew Barrymore 
(22) Where a significant number of individuals share a colour that deviates from the species norm, we term it a colour morph.
(23) Now, as they design new technology products, Hewlett-Packard engineers can morph within minutes into five or six nimble teams.
(24) Conclusion : The effect of the CLD's anti - aging dementia association with the hippocampus nerve cell's improved morph.
(25) She says these trends are likely to continue as cellphones morph into mini hand - held computers, social networking devices and pint-size movie screens.
(26) Cord blood and apparently menstrual blood contain stem cells that have the ability to morph into various kinds of other cells.
(27) To know more about it, we review the taxonomy and onomatology, epidemiology, identifying features and morph, biochemics, pathogenicity and therapy of S. dimidiatum.
(28) Another strange thing about neutrinos is that they come in at least three types or "flavours" – tau, electron and muon – and can morph from one flavour to another.
(29) In the past 10 years, we've seen the web morph from this linear, cataloged file cabinet of information, to being partitioned by gated social sites.
(30) I was asked about the identification of Bulwer's Petrel vs. dark morph Wedge-tailed Shearwater whilst in Keelung, and can understand why.
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