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Metamorphic in a sentence

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Similar words: metamorphosemetamorphosisisomorphicpolymorphicanthropomorphicmorphineamorphousmorphMeaning: [‚metə'mɔrfɪk /‚metə'mɔːfɪk]  adj. 1. of or relating to metamorphosis (especially of rocks) 2. characterized by metamorphosis or change in physical form or substance. 
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1) Mostly granite and metamorphic rock, it has been heated, stirred and compressed for millions and sometimes billions of years.
2) The identification of a metamorphic rock depends largely on recognition of foliation and other textures.
3) Sandstone, a sedimentary rock and quartzite, a metamorphic rock, both contain a high proportion of quartz.
4) Smaller-scale inset maps will provide information on metamorphic grade of orogenic terrains and the structure of Phanerozoic sedimentary basins.
5) Auger spectroscopy of igneous and metamorphic rocks has shown fine films of carbon covering grain boundaries.
6) Topological change is an characteristic of metamorphic mechanisms.
7) Thermodynamic activity - traces acted as the regional metamorphic facies and its belts.
8) The metamorphic facies gradually change from low amphibolite—high green-schist facies of the basement to low green-schist of the cover.
9) The deformational metamorphic evolution of the three types of the ductile shear zones reflects the main reworking during the uplift processes of the deep crustal high grade metamorphic complex.
10) Potassium-rich brines resources can be classified into sedimentary metamorphic type and lixiviation sylvine. These two kinds are also new ways of looking for sylvine in Sichuan.
11) Shaanxi is one of the provinces where soft metamorphic rock has distributed widely.
12) The Western Tianshan high-pressure metamorphic rocks occur within the greenschist facies country rocks as small discrete blocks, lenses, bands,( laminae or intercalated slabs.
13) It is genetically a metamorphic deposit controlled by shear zone.
14) With the metamorphic grade of the graphite deposit increasing, the atomic ratio of H/C of natural graphite and the content of Rh decrease gradually and the T_(max) and R_(oil) (%) increase gradually.
15) Marble is a metamorphic rock that takes a high polish.
16) Extensive areas within continental platforms are formed of basement, a complex of metamorphic and igneous rocks of Palaeozic or Precambrian age.
17) The same structural features, sometimes less easily recognized, are found in igneous and metamorphic rocks.
18) Thus it is very well developed on fine-grained basic igneous and metamorphic rocks.
19) The area also contains important sedimentary sequences, and the metamorphic rocks of the Dalradian Super-Group at the Highland Boundary.
20) The sense of a distinct, separate identity fades and is replaced by a metamorphic self-image.
21) That time has been shown to be appreciably later than the original formation of the rock for metamorphic and plutonic rocks.
22) Can the person let be fed up with after becoming metamorphic operation?
23) Clay minerals distribute extensively in various slopes made of sedimentary rock, weathering profiles of igneous rock, metamorphic rock and sedimentary rock and colluvial deposits.
24) Kerogen is the leftover material of sporopollen element and lignin in original bodies in different thermal metamorphic period and it is the original material of gas-oil formation.
25) Discordances existed between Fangniushan quartzite series and underlying Archean Eon metamorphic granite series, and overlying the Mesoproterozoic Era Xionger Group.
26) High concentration alcohol often treats an end to achieve, use for a long time can make corneous albumen metamorphic, want special attention.
27) A new thought is proposed to forecast mineralization of endogenetic deposits based on metamorphic grade of coal.
28) In recent years, incidents of microbial contamination in dried meat have occurred, returned goods because of metamorphic in dried meat caused huge economic losses of the food processing enterprises.
29) The main mechanism of melt lineation is extensional deformation which led to partial melting of high-grade metamorphic rock.
30) The deformation was changing from plastic intensity to weakness and the metamorphic facies ranged from amphibolite to low-grade greenschist.
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