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Isomorphic in a sentence

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Sentence count:30Posted:2017-03-30Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: anthropomorphicamorphousmorphologymetamorphosisphilosophicalorphangraphicno moreMeaning: adj. having similar appearance but genetically different. 
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1. As we have argued elsewhere, this is isomorphic to the multiple - reader, multiple - case design in medical imaging.
2. Two graphs are isomorphic if there is a correspondence between their vertex sets that preserves adjacency.
3. To show that two graphs are isomorphic one must indicate an isomorphism between them.
4. The isomorphic conditions of some lattices generated sets of subspace under finite pseudo - symplectic groups are discussed.
5. A dual isomorphic Bayesian network model for medium voltage distribution system reliability re - assessment is also proposed.
6. Themodel is composed of password, random number and isomorphic puzzle.
7. In this paper, we prove that the two isomorphic semisimple subalgebras of central simple algebra A are conjugate in A if they satisfy the maximal commutation condition.
8. The existence of petzite and hessite as low-temperature isomorphic modifications indicates that this kind of deposits has been formed in the low temperature and low pressure environment .
9. Corporate Accounting Governance and Corporate Governance: Isomorphic, Imbedding[], or Intersected?
10. Mimetite group minerals are a group of isomorphic series minerals with hexagonal system, which include mimetite, vanadinite and pyromorphite .
11. Determining whether two graphs are isomorphic is referred to as the graph isomorphism problem.
12. The algebraic laws thus yield an algebraic semantics for occam that is isomorphic to our chosen denotational semantics.
13. A derivatization of Q is equipollent with Q, i. e. , they define isomorphic projective planes.
14. We always meet problems that how to construct the isomorphic mapping of two finite dimension linear spaces in teaching.
15. The representation theorem stating that every relational system of stacks is isomorphic to a system of finite sequences of elements is proved.
16. If a monogenic semigroup is infinite then it is isomorphic to the semigroup of positive integers with the operation of addition.
17. In this paper, a proof of the theorem on"Any two denumerable Boolean algebras with atoms of the same finite number are isomorphic" is given.
18. According to algebraic property that a direct sum of Galois fields is isomorphic to a finite ring, the linear block code for multiplexing systems is proposed.
19. A theoretic analysis is made to count of co - step non - isomorphic maximum plain graph.
20. Quite often, it appears there are two or more distinct geometries with isomorphic automorphism groups.
21. From the viewpoint of homomorphism idea of gestalt psychology, the vocal technique is a kind of practice and operational method with isomorphic of feeling and substance.
22. We may thereby compute the number of graphs which are isomorphic to their complements.
23. The author discussed the properties of stratified functor and gave a discrimination which two modules are isomorphic.
24. This paper given the definition of the relative double multiplier on a ternary algebra, and study the isomorphic problem of the relative multiplier algebra.
25. To take another example, elliptic geometries with different radii of curvature have isomorphic automorphism groups.
26. Applying a D-triangulation on the facial feature points, a precise and topological isomorphic mapping is established between 3D mesh and texture. The texture mapping with high quality can be obtained.
27. The two basic modes of mathematical model-behavior mode and state variable mode, along with the isomorphic and homomorphic relation between models and real system are described.
28. The graph combinations used in advertisement were generalized and elaborated, including variant graph combination, substituting graph combination, and isomorphic graph combination.
29. This paper introduces two types of benzenoid isomers with six isomorphic moieties.
30. If an isomorphism exists between two graphs, then the graphs are called isomorphic.
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