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Alienation in a sentence

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Synonym: disaffectionestrangementSimilar words: rejuvenationnationalitynationalistnationalismdesalinationnaturalizationnationzonationMeaning: [‚eɪljə'neɪʃn]  n. 1. the feeling of being alienated from other people 2. separation resulting from hostility 3. (law) the voluntary and absolute transfer of title and possession of real property from one person to another 4. the action of alienating; the action of causing to become unfriendly. 
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1. Alienation is a central motif in her novels.
2. Unemployment may provoke a sense of alienation from society.
3. Many immigrants suffer from a sense of alienation.
4. His later novels develop the theme of alienation.
5. There is a growing feeling of alienation among young unemployed people.
6. This short-sighted alienation of their own supporters may lose them the election.
7. Mental illness can create a sense of alienation from the real world.
8. His criminal activities led to complete alienation from his family.
9. The new policy resulted in the alienation of many voters.
10. Depressed people frequently feel a sense of alienation from those around them.
11. Alcoholism often leads to the alienation of family and friends.
12. Operatic intensity jolts into Brechtian alienation.
13. It is taking audience alienation to fresh new depths.
14. A sense of alienation hangs around me like smoke.
15. Not the least of its problems was extreme alienation between labor and management.
16. Liberation has turned sour producing anomie and alienation, severely undermining any sense of collective responsibility or response.
17. He maintains that man's sense of alienation from his fellow men is an expression of his alienation from himself.
18. Minority students have a sense of alienation from the mostly white teachers.
19. The language and procedures for dealing with that alienation encompass conflict and confrontation at the expense of planned purposeful strategies.
20. The increasingly dull nature of many industrial jobs has led to the alienation of many workers.
21. In the film, he is able to depict the sense of otherness and alienation that many teenagers feel.
22. Hofheinz, however, could only go so far in pursuing administrative rationality without risking the alienation of an important constituency.
23. Many of the new novelists, in fact,(Sentencedict) portray the alienation of Western man.
24. But they also told these stories because they felt so disturbed by the alienation and hostility of some black students.
25. Conveyances of land From a very early period the courts have been opposed to restrictions upon the free alienation of land.
26. The early volumes were not without bitterness and disillusionment, but such a note of alienation was never heard so clearly.
27. It will either mask the conflict and thereby contribute to alienation and oppression, or it will become a vehicle of protest.
28. It also makes Ministry seem to have a sense of humor, rather than unrelieved anger and alienation.
29. The lyrics unleash a gigantic primal scream at the urban alienation and despair of our industrial world.
30. For society, the real choice is between homosexual marriage and homosexual alienation.
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