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Deity in a sentence

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Synonym: divinitygodSimilar words: deistfade inslide intotake pride ineitherneitherforfeitalbeitMeaning: ['diːɪtɪ]  n. any supernatural being worshipped as controlling some part of the world or some aspect of life or who is the personification of a force. 
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1. Dagda, an ancient Irish deity, literally translates as 'the good god'.
2. These might represent the deity, the donor, or neither.
3. However, he is protected by Sigmar, the patron deity of the Empire, giving him tremendous powers as explained below.
4. Their deity, Goddess Vankul Mata ji, rides on a camel and specifically bequeathed the animal to them.
5. The moon has been featured as a deity since the beginning of human life on earth.
6. Is he a deity bearing off animals that have been sacrificed to him?
7. He is not a matey deity who shines a flashlight into some dark corner of his recalcitrant universe on demand.
8. It is important to be clear that the Deity does not lose its transcendence by being immanent.
9. Sometimes they stand in for a deity, haunting the sacred places and occupying a position midway between gods and men.
10. A Hindu deity with many arms flashes up on the screen.
11. The different characteristics of the Deity are then shown to reflect one or other of these ways.
12. The Lugbara also believe in a single omnipotent deity as the ultimate creator of life and the dispenser of death.
13. And if we allowed there to be a deity or deities, what confidence could we repose in them?
14. Nun: primordial deity of the waters of chaos, depicted in human form.
15. Ju-i sceptre Used by the highest deity in heaven, its head is formed into the shape of a cloud.
16. Analysis is carried into everything. Even Deity is subjected to chemical tests. James Russell Lowell 
17. It is being driven forward by a horned deity at the rear, armed with a long spear.
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18. Many animals were seen as the manifestation of a deity.
19. He even extended the pattern to apply to the deity.
20. Why are these other gods ultimately denied the status of true Deity?
21. The Agia Triadha sarcophagus shows birds perched on double-axes, indicating the presence of a deity.
22. And he has been set thereby in relationship to a deity, apart from himself, who also enjoys free will.
23. In various other places and strands of the New Testament we find similar unselfconscious allusions to the three persons in the deity.
24. The same line of reasoning confirms the sun-disc as a manifestation of a deity.
25. It is also said that Hinduism believes in an impersonal rather than a personal Deity.
26. The other heads advance in a menacing manner towering over the kneeling deity, identified as such by his head-dress.
27. Clergy to her seemed quiet and gentlemanly people who preached about the four seasons and the attributes of the Deity.
28. Originally religion constituted an abiding relationship not only with deity, but even more with place.
29. He has a confidence, typical of his time, that the works of nature provide sufficient evidence of a Deity.
30. We begin with the argument that the evidence for a Deity might be so strong as to undermine faith.
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