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Abstemious in a sentence

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Sentence count:31Posted:2016-10-21Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: lightSimilar words: mysteriousostentatiousabstractabstinencestemsystemecosystemobstreperousMeaning: [æb'stiːmjəs]  adj. 1. sparing in consumption of especially food and drink 2. marked by temperance in indulgence. 
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1. He is abstemious in life.
2. He was a hard-working man with abstemious habits.
3. He is abstemious in eating and drinking.
4. I try to be a reasonably abstemious individual.
5. Gallstones he'd had and, though an abstemious man, gout.
6. But such people are abstemious in many other ways, e.g. they do not drink tea.
7. The T'ang was usually abstemious, but tonight his mood seemed different.
8. Ken, meanwhile, was living a more abstemious existence on stage.
9. Often do bad really, the attention is abstemious.
10. Mr. Hu's abstemious habits didn't hold him back.
11. But India's benchmark was unusually abstemious.
12. Develop to can last, people is abstemious on production and consumption concupiscent it is a kind of goodness.
13. Mr. Hall was naturally an abstemious man indifferent to luxury.
14. Ireland looks like an abstemious jogger that has a heart attack.
15. The abstemious Mohammedan depends on it or coffee for 'adding life to the party' or 'putting through a deal.
16. To promote the abstemious usage of natural resource, the status of Marxist ground rent theory should be regained instead of axiology of natural resource.
17. Hence sustainable development, circular economy and abstemious society are the important trend.
18. Ireland looks like an abstemious jogger that has suffered a heart attack.
19. They are abstemious and abstain from most of the modern things that other English people, who are now rarely abstentious, enjoy.
20. Archibald is moved by the inappropriateness of the gift; he is known as the most abstemious man around.
21. In some ways, Livesey seems to have led an abstemious, not to say ascetic life.
22. But this man of the cloth would not abridge sermons calling on his abstemious parishioners to also abrogate human bondage.
23. In addition, the precaution with unusual leucorrhoea, answer above all abstemious sex, notice the sanitation of menses, gestation and puerperium .
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24. The pleasures of the table , never of much consequence to one naturally abstemious.
25. The vocabulary of integral space is luxuriant, rich, enchanting and do not break abstemious, faint emerge those who moving romance is passional .
26. They can think sexual life is medium work and after sexual life tired, as fine-looking as physical labor influence argument is same, reason should abstemious sexual life.
27. Hence, the exclusive outlet is track the new type path of eco - industrialization and constructs abstemious society.
28. His father, of all men, had lived a careful life, moderate, abstemious.
29. The desire of people production and consumption is everlasting , do not add abstemious be dreariness.
30. Then the purpose, the ideal and the principles of the abstemious society were discussed.
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