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Voracious in a sentence

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Synonym: gluttonousgreedyhoggishpiggishravenousSimilar words: vivaciousloquaciousmendaciouspugnaciousofficiouscapricioussuspicioussubconsciouslyMeaning: [və'reɪʃəs]  adj. 1. excessively greedy and grasping 2. devouring or craving food in great quantities. 
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1 Pigs are voracious feeders.
2 Joseph Smith was a voracious book collector.
3 Her appetite for information was voracious .
4 Walburga once suppressed the voracious appetite of a child by having her consume three ears of grain.
5 He has a voracious appetite for knowledge about what is happening around every corner in New York City.
6 Voracious consumers of fish, sea lions have been the targets of wrathful fishermen in the San Diego area.
7 A voracious reader, Vea is adamant about the pursuit of writing excellence.
8 I had not expected it, a voracious silence that was capable of sucking oxygen from our common space.
9 The voracious shrews and chickadees await them.
10 Her good readers are voracious and read their weight in books every week, while the slow readers lag behind.
11 As dieting progresses, the feeling hardens into voracious hunger; restlessness gives way to energy-conserving lethargy.
12 Slugs and snails Soft-bodied, voracious molluscs that often shelter by day beneath leaves and plant debris, and feed at night.
13 Academic staff are voracious readers and inveterate talkers.
14 He was a voracious reader with a compulsion to finish everything he started.
15 Thus a dragonfly and its larva are both voracious eaters of their fellow creatures.
16 It is a reflex born of predation by voracious crabs that nip at the tender tubeworm plumes with their claws.
17 It is a voracious blood-sucker and even 100-200 worms are sufficient to produce death in sheep within a few weeks of infection.
18 It was a dorado or dolphin fish, a voracious predator which feeds mostly on flying fish.
19 Children have voracious appetites for authenticity, but in drama we should never intimidate them with factual information.
20 Joe, for example,[] had a voracious appetite.
21 Kids can have voracious appetites .
22 A voracious appetite, omnivorous, suitable for a bear.
23 Caterpillars are voracious leaf-eaters.
24 The late James Currie had in common with all comedians a voracious appetite for new material.
25 The socialists were not alone at the banquet of graft, but they had a particularly voracious appetite.
26 Or are the few crabs that we see so voracious that any new recruit stands little chance of survival?
27 Colette works at marshalling our feelings of revulsion at this voracious creature who has almost killed the poor box thorn.
28 Photo Gallery: Great White Sharks So called because of the tiger-like stripes on juveniles, the tiger shark is, like its terrestrial namesake, a voracious hunter.
29 A mutalisk can attack foes both in the air and on the ground by expelling a glave wurm: a voracious symbiote that can rapidly strike at several opponents as it explosively disintegrates.
30 John would not be overweight if he were not such a voracious eater.
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