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Pes in a sentence

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Sentence count:37Posted:2018-01-12Updated:2018-01-12
Similar words: pesopestpeskymopespestoherpespipestypesMeaning: n. the part of the leg of a human being below the ankle joint. random good picture
1. More complex PEs in one layer respond to features picked up by simpler nodes in the previous layer.
2. This gives a total of around 65, 000 PEs.
3. As such, PES 2010 necessitates a new level of control from the player.
4. How might you use these to help the PEs?
5. But only usageDBS prepare the PES powers to change particle's the shape andparticle reunite.
6. After a while they ( PES - veterans ) did not want to put the controller down anymore.
7. In this paper, the theory of constructing PES of polyatomic molecules by dynamic Lie algebraic method is presented, and its application in different molecular systems is introduced.
8. B. Constant Humidity: PES can keep constant humidity around the planting area of a greenhouse that is divided into the planting area and the glacis area.
8. is a sentence dictionary, on which you can find nice sentences for a large number of words.
9. Potential energy surface ( PES ) is a basis of molecular reactive dynamics.
10. PES 2011 also features a myriad of smaller additions all designed to enhance the overall experience.
11. Labour is well to the right of the PES mainstream.
12. Objective To evaluate the polyethersulfone ( PES ) hollow fiber membrane automatic plasma collector and its efficiency for separating plasma.
13. Pes cavus deformity is complex, any procedure can not correct all the deformities.
14. Miscibility of blends was investigated via differential scanning calorimetry ( DSC ) and scanning electron microscopy(SEM). The results show that PPES/PES blends are miscible in all compositions.
15. PES and SPSF base membranes were prepared by the phase inversion process using polyethersulfone and the blend of sulfonated polysulfone and polyethersulfone respectively.
16. There exist a large quantity of PEs(pectinesterases) in orange, which are clified as thermostability PE(TS-PE) and thermolability PE(TL-PE). They are composed of several isoenzymes.
17. No opinion poll shows the PES overtaking the centre - right European People's Party in the European Parliament.
18. By combining spectroscopy ( PES ) with theoretical calculations , the ionization potentials of iodine trichloride were studied.
19. It is very difficult to sulfonate PES by electrophilic aromatic substitution reaction.
20. Therefore how to product PES with ideal melting point are concerned by every production companies.
21. Wear resistence and corrosion resistence are improved by adopting PES technology saturating carbon, nitrogen, carbonitriding rapidly into ferrous metals materials.
22. Other features found in choristoderes include heavily ossified gastralia and modified distal limbs, not just the manus and pes, used as paddles.
23. This also additional effect of removing soft goals, thus returning PES 2010 to its simulation roots.
24. As Costa Rica shows, are many ways to raise PES money.
25. The centre - left Party of European Socialists ( PES ) unites ex - communists from eastern Europe with Nordic social democrats.
26. Objective To compare homemade Sirolimus - eluting stent ( FBS ) with imported Paclitaxel - eluting stent ( PES ) in clinical effect.
27. Salt resistant plant such as Wedelia prostrata and Ipomoea pes caprae appeared in the edge of sand wall next to high tide line.
28. Synthesis and characterization of a series of Polysulfone ( PSF ) - Polyesters ( PEs ) block copolymers were undertaken.
29. It was odd, as ball physics for passing, crossing etc felt great, but shooting (like in PES 2011) felt extremely floaty.
30. Orthotics and arch supports can lessen leg fatigue and muscle cramps associated with pes planus.
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