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Stretching in a sentence

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Sentence count:262+9 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-01-19Updated:2017-01-19
Similar words: stretchstretchystretch outpoachingbleachingscorchingscreechingdistressingMeaning: [stretʃ] n. 1. act of expanding by lengthening or widening 2. exercise designed to extend the limbs and muscles to their full extent. random good picture
(1) The doctor told me to avoid bending and stretching.
(2) Sit on the floor, stretching your legs out in front of you.
(3) Is there any way of stretching shoes?
(4) You're stretching my patience to the limit.
(5) Brushing wet hair can cause stretching and breakage.
(6) Yoga involves breathing exercises, stretching, and meditation.
(7) Make sure no awkward stretching is required.
(8) The dog is stretching itself.
(9) Liz went back into the kitchen, stretching lazily.
(10) There was a caterers'buffet stretching all around the dining room.
(11) Stretching out her tired limbs, she felt the tensions of the day drain away.
(12) Stretching exercises will help your flexibility.
(13) The exercise consists of stretching and contracting the leg muscles.
(14) "I'm so tired, " she said, yawning and stretching.
(15) Tendons store elastic energy by stretching and then snapping back into shape like rubber bands.
(16) There was a long queue of traffic stretching down the road.
(17) Stretching exercises can help you avoid injury and improve your game.
(18) He was accused of stretching the truth about how much he had helped in the project.
(19) Try stretching your legs and pulling your toes upwards.
(20) He's a good player, but 'world class' is stretching it.
(21) He started me off with some stretching exercises.
(22) The sight of the Grand Canyon stretching out before them filled them with wonder.
(23) The drought there is stretching American resources.
(24) Stretching exercises can help avoid injury.
(25) They're used to stretching their budgets.
(26) She's very clever, but it's stretching it a bit to call her a genius.
(27) These trees have pedigrees stretching back thousands of years.
(28) They claim to be the biggest company in the world, which is stretching a point, but it's true if you include their subsidiaries.
(29) They lay in the cliff top grass with the sea stretching out far below.
(30) He wanted to amortize his fixed rental cost by stretching the operating hours.
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