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Pesky in a sentence

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Sentence count:33Posted:2017-03-09Updated:2017-03-09
Synonym: annoyingbothersomegallingirritatingnettlesomepesteringpestiferousplagueyplaguyteasingvexatiousvexingSimilar words: deskskyriskypipestempestskyrocketskydivingpessimisticMeaning: ['peskɪ] adj. causing irritation or annoyance. random good picture
1. Those pesky kids from next door have let down my car tyres again!
2. Now I come to think about it, that pesky Lad was dancing about somewhere outside.
3. Our culture also cautions women not to raise pesky issues of parenting lest they frighten men off-men being notoriously reluctant fathers.
4. The families of these pesky believers were then permitted to join them.
5. Those pesky salesmen always call at dinner time.
6. Is that pesky lady coming to the office again?
7. Oh, how I hate how those pesky hangers scrape up my wooden closet rod.
8. That's emancipated us from yeasty marmite, pesky 'u's in our 'neighbors' and from having to ask God to "save the Queen".
9. Saturn won't be as pesky as he was in your eighth house and that's a relief.
10. Similarly, automatic face recognition would solve the pesky problem of photograph labeling.
11. Against Zerg, they are better suited against those pesky armored Roaches with the fast green.
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12. Those pesky people are really annoying.
13. You have to beat the pesky demons and keep away from them as as you can.
14. And what about those pesky imbalances?
15. The beauty of the Taco Loco is that it is like a large taco salad without all that pesky lettuce.
16. For example[], we hoped to do away with those pesky Internet addresses.
17. Some force deep within truly wants to believe aliens cured that Montana farmer of his pesky hernia problem.
18. It also may be because she polishes her work to a high sheen, sometimes buffing away a pesky fact or two.
19. But experts know that fatigue, stress, and caffeine all increase the likelihood of the pesky twitching.
20. A story about a peace loving ninja whose sole purpose in life is to rid society of the pesky meter maid thereby ending parking violations forever.
21. Birds boost tree height up to 33 percent by munching on pesky parasites that can literally suck the life out of the tall-growing plants, a new study shows.
22. We offer a little beauty that can get you to work lickety-split , and you don't have to worry about those pesky stop signs. Just watch out for low - flying airplanes!
23. Use Monday Night Football as an opportunity to get housework pesky, if well intentioned , husband underfoot.
24. As well as their smell and distinctive stains, these pesky invaders have even disrupted rail services!
25. I can remember as a young boy growing up in Santa Cruz, California my grandfather showed me how to dig up this pesky weed called Bermuda Grass.
26. They're on the prowl at a handful of police stations, keeping pesky rodents in check.
27. This would probably have been the case in the French Revolution too, had the movies been invented in time for the likes of Robespierre to lop off the heads of pesky auteurs.
28. With screwdriver and garbage sack in hand, I attacked the pesky weeds.
29. Getting a steal , disrupting the other team'sand rhythm, those little pesky things ( really help ).
30. And the image of a man being slurped on a moving toboggan by a pesky dog is too cartoonishly good to be true - unless the reader realizes how much universal Lab behavior is immortalized here.
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