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Pestering in a sentence

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Similar words: blisteringadministeringsister-in-lawalteringfalteringfilteringlitteringtotteringMeaning: ['pestə(r)] adj. causing irritation or annoyance. 
1. You are a confounded nuisance. Stop pestering me.
2. He told the photographers to stop pestering him.
3. I thought she'd stop pestering me, but it only seemed to make her worse.
4. The kids kept pestering me to read to them.
5. The kids have been pestering me to buy them new trainers.
6. I know he gets fed up with people pestering him for money.
7. He has been pestering her with phone calls for over a week.
8. Stop pestering me, it's none of your business!
9. At the frontier, there were people pestering tourists for cigarettes, food or alcohol.
10. He's an unprofessional jerk who's always pestering the women in the office.
11. One of the guys at work kept pestering her for a date, so she finally reported him.
12. For months its organizers had been pestering me to turn up.
13. But the heat and the endlessly pestering fleas and bedbugs dragged them, again and again, back to consciousness.
14. Ryan keeps pestering me to play with him.
15. The kids are always pestering us to take them to the beach.
16. Sylvia was pestering her mother for a story one morning after breakfast.
17. I can't get anything done if you keep pestering me.
18. Led by Gary Payton and his pestering defense,( the Sonics will continue to stifle opponents.
19. Just ignore him and he'll stop pestering you.
20. If she knew Danny Crompton had been pestering him in jubilee Road she'd want to know all the details.
21. She says men are always pestering her for sex.
22. I'm telling you once and for all, if you don't stop pestering me you'll be sorry.
23. She's asked to be left alone but the press keep pestering her.
24. Mother rabbit told him that he was old enough to eat other food, but not keep pestering her to suckle.
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25. I was in a bad mood and he kept pestering me, so we had words.
26. I shake my head at the pill, and he flips it off the bed like it was a bug pestering him.
27. I know you finally told me about him to get rid of me, and here I am pestering you still.
28. For the past several days, the warder said, jail authorities had been pestering the police to get more helpers ....
29. They told the hearing in Hull that Lance was pestering them.
30. In fact she did the drawing part and she had the ideas and Zen kept pestering and eventually he just went stamp.
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