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Peso in a sentence

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Similar words: pipespeskygrapespesterpestletapestrystripestempestMeaning: n. 1. the basic unit of money in Uruguay; equal to 100 centesimos 2. the basic unit of money in the Philippines; equal to 100 centavos 3. the basic unit of money in Mexico; equal to 100 centavos 4. the basic unit of money in Guinea-Bissau; equal to 100 centavos 5. the basic unit of money in the Dominican Republic; equal to 100 centavos 6. the basic unit of money in Cuba; equal to 100 centavos 7. the basic unit of money in Colombia; equal to 100 centavos 8. the basic unit of money in Chile; equal to 100 centesimos. random good picture
1. Last year Mexico was forced to devalue the peso.
2. The government decided to allow the peso to float freely.
3. A large real depreciation of the peso has also helped, boosting exports in 1995 by over 30 percent in dollar terms.
4. Others withdrew billions more, driving down the peso in a speculative panic.
5. The peso has firmed, inflation has slowed and economic growth has resumed.
6. The trade deficit will grow, pushing the peso down, which will raise inflation.
7. Peso bears could therefore push against the exchange rate only by liquidating their long positions.
8. The 247,400 million peso budget involved increasing spending by 17.9 percent over the adjusted 1990 budget of 209,800 million pesos.
9. The nominal daily devaluation of the peso was halved from 40 to 20 pesos.
10. Then came the sudden peso devaluation that December, and Jimenez pulled out $ 70 million more.
11. At the same time the peso was devalued by 600 % and inflation soared over consumers' purchasing power declined.
12. Last week, the Mexican peso touched an all-time low versus the dollar, prompting the government to intervene in the foreign-exchange market.
13. One idea is to repeg the "convertible peso " at par to the dollar.
14. The Philippine Peso, Dominican Republic Peso,[] East Caribbean Dollar and Indonesian Rupiah have all been introduced for the first time on
15. Currencies such as the Brazilian real and Mexican peso dropped toward their lowest levels in a year as global markets tumbled as concerns grew about a potential Greek default.
16. The construction company projected profit to reach 858 million pesos, or 0. 76 peso a share, in 1996.
17. They also might enable companies to resume the building projects they abandoned in the wake of the December 1994 peso devaluation.
18. However, the United States did agree to using the next instalment as security for an 800, 000 peso loan.
19. The cost of servicing these liabilities would soar if the peso were devalued.
20. In the past year, inflation was halved to 27 percent, the peso stabilized and interest rates continued to fall.
21. Since August, currencies like the Brazilian real and Mexican peso have plummeted against the U.S. dollar while stock markets in Russia and China were pummeled to multiyear lows.
22. Interest rate spreads for secondary market sovereign debt a key indicator of access to the capital markets rose to levels unseen since the height of the Mexican peso crisis in 1995.
23. In addition to the large extent of the devaluation of the ISK, 22.42 percent depreciation of the Australian dollar, Brazilian real, won, and so on, the Mexican peso in more than 15%.
24. Based on the calculation of exchange rate volatility by GARCH model, this paper compared RMB with US dollar, Japanese Yen, HK dollar, Philippine peso, Malaysia Ringgit and Singapore dollar.
25. He has said any system that created the Mexican peso crisis, the Asian financial crisis and the current troubles needs to be changed.
25. Wish you can benefit from our online sentence dictionary and make progress day by day!
26. Our foreign exchange strategists think that the dollar is likely to be weakest against Asian currencies and the Mexican peso, which have held up fairly well against the decline so far.
27. The bank is trying to stop the free fall of the Mexican peso .
28. Sterling rose 0.7 percent at $1.6689, and the dollar fell sharply against the Mexican peso and the Brazilian real.
29. Investors should buy the dollar and sell the Indonesian rupiah, the Philippine peso, India's rupee and the Hong Kong dollars in the forward markets, the note read.
30. The devaluation raised the value of the dollar - denominated debt in peso terms.
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