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Stapes in a sentence

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Sentence count:24Posted:2017-12-01Updated:2017-12-01
Similar words: tapestrypaper tapegrapestapertapetapedgrapeshotsour grapesMeaning: n. the stirrup-shaped ossicle that transmits sound from the incus to the cochlea. random good picture
(1) The height of stapes was measured with the oblique MPR.
(2) Two rare cases who suffer stapes - otosclerosis associated with ossified mallei superius ligament were reported.
(3) Method: 71 cases including 31 cases with stapes lifting surgery, 34 cases with partial stapcdectomy, 6 cases with total stapedectomy were summed.
(4) The posterior arch of stapes was situated in the prozone of scala.
(5) The artificial stapes install operation, the microtia hearing reconstruction operation, ect, filled in the blank inside our province.
(6) Objective To assess the effect of stapes surgery on advanced otosclerosis ( AO ).
(7) The ship , structure or defect of stapes can be shown in the oblique MPR images.
(8) But the stapes would not take on its familiar role as a component of the terrestrially adapted tympanic ear for millions of years.
(9) There are much more small spaces between the stapes and the structures especially facial nerve and the lateral semicircular canal around it.
(10) Objective:To investigate the effects of the stapes surgery on treatment of the otosclerosis to find out the more suitable surgical style.
(11) The fixation of the stapes may progress rapidly during pregnancy.
(12) Result Amplitude variation laws of the stapes footplate and umbo were obtained by comparing the frequency response analytic results between the normal ear and pathological ear.
(13) Abstract Straight columnar piston type stapes prosthesis is commonly used in stapedioplasty.
(14) Her stapes had a atrophic neck and appeared pale.
(15) The soil nutrient in different rangeland stapes was gradually decreased with soil depth.
(16) The distance between handle of malleus and stapes[], the dia_meter of manubrium mallei are important to the design of prosthesis.
(17) Stapes flesh systole is to be involved sensory, feeling and motorial , place of nerve muscle connect and flesh fiber results of a series of complex physiology activity.
(18) The ability in showing whole stapes were compared between all the MPR images.
(19) Bones: malleus, incus, stapes.
(20) Results: The results showed that the effusion of the middle ear decrease the amplitude of stapes footplate and umbo, weaken the incoming energy of the inner ear, thus leading to hearing loss.
(21) Comprising three separate bones, the malleus, the incus and the stapes, this structure is unlike that of any other class of animal: reptiles and amphibians have one bone while fish have none.
(22) The hearing was improved obviously after reconstruction of the EAM and ossicle for the patients with normal stapes footplate .
(23) The arterial supply of incudostapedial joint and the distal portion of the incuscomes from the vessels passing to them from the stapes rather than from the incudalsource.
(24) Results: The lesion intruded into drum, promontory of tympanum, incudomalleus, stapes and its surroundings, and no cholesteatoma accompanied by.
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