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Pester in a sentence

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Sentence count:33Posted:2017-04-16Updated:2017-04-16
Synonym: annoybadgerbotherharassmolestnagteasetormenttroublevexSimilar words: pesteringfesterwesternyesterdaypolyestersemestersequesterwesternerMeaning: ['pestə(r)] v. annoy persistently. 
1. Don't pester me now—I'm on the telephone.
2. Don't pester me with irritating questions.
3. Here to pester the animals, create the routine disturbances that made up their days.
4. She used to pester her father until she got exactly what she wanted.
5. Helen was an idiot to let him pester her like this.
6. On the whole the U.S. will not pester India about its nuclear policy until 2014.
7. Don't pester me. I've got something urgent to attend to.
8. I pester them with theories on why Citi's and AIG's shares are spiking.
9. You do not need to pester him. We can succeed without him.
10. The Big Girl chooses to pester me with her pleas to get her ear pierced just before school, just before bed, or when I'm rifling in the refrigerator with a wolfish look.
11. I beg you too, don't pester me about watching something I have no interest in!
12. Now with Joy for company, she didn't pester him so much and he came home later.
13. Oh, let them alone. Don't pester them.
14. Don't pester me with your trivial matters.
15. Pester greatly increases the attack speed of the bird at the cost of dealing less damage.
16. This discussion covers the final portion of the third chapter, starting at the subheading "Pester Power" on page 61.
17. PLAYER, how long will you pester me with indecisive ways?
18. When evil zombies pester the streets and break into your house.
19. He told her not to pester him with trifles.
20. For years Mary have been pester him to take her to europe.
21. S. nonetheless fully agreed this time not to pester India again about its military nuclear program.
22. The Big Girl chooses to pester me with her pleas to get her ear pierced just before school, just before bed,[] or when I'm rifling in the refrigerator with a wolfish look. She couldn't pick worse times.
23. In other words: one must not inconsiderately pester the cause of desire.
24. She tried to shake him off but he continued to pester her.
25. He was cranky and would get upset over homework not done, cry, call himself stupid, and pester his sister.
26. Lunch was the worst. Seven of my friends could pester me at once.
27. Have on parental caress by every means, next issueless pester genu disturbing, everyday carefree, live easily comfortable.
28. It is painful to acknowledge, but marketers were right all along : pester power works.
29. The breeze copies to connect Lian to use to pester a blade earthquake to open nearby one flower petal and flustered and frustratedly says.
30. To cadging make a living as a performer person clear the standard also had clear, pester repeatedly namely, beg forcibly the person that reach the means with other and mobbish other to cadge.
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