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Pestle in a sentence

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Sentence count:28Posted:2017-04-24Updated:2017-04-24
Synonym: mullerpounderstampSimilar words: trestlerestlesswrestlerrestlesslywhistlecastlerustlejostleMeaning: ['pesl ,pestl] n. 1. machine consisting of a heavy bar that moves vertically for pounding or crushing ores 2. a heavy tool of stone or iron (usually with a flat base and a handle) that is used to grind and mix material (as grain or drugs or pigments) against a slab of stone 3. a club-shaped hand tool for grinding and mixing substances in a mortar. v. grind, mash or pulverize in a mortar. 
1. Use a pestle and mortar to crush the spices.
2. You'll need a pestle and mortar to grind the spices.
3. Crush the garlic into a paste using a pestle and mortar.
4. Using a pestle and mortar, pulverise the bran to a coarse powder.
5. Jin Yu: An iron pestle can be ground down to a needle.
6. This glass is ground under water using pestle and mortar.
7. The process eventually was refined. A mortar and pestle worked better than the desktop, and a coffee grinder worked best of all for making good bee paste.
8. An iron pestle can be ground down to a needle. You'll see.
8. try its best to collect and build good sentences.
9. A pestle can be ground into a and true knowledge comes from perseverance.
10. Only time is deep, an iron pestle can be ground down to a needle.
11. I got a decent marble pestle and mortar in flea market for about 13 dollars, I think The Witchery may have something similar.
12. It's a big pestle, it stands just over a foot tall (about 35 cm), and the business end is a stone bulb, about the size of a cricket ball, and you can feel that it's been much used.
13. If client has difficulty swallowing, use mortar and pestle to grind pills or a pill - crushing device.
14. These he grinds together with a pestle cast in the shape of a woman.
15. It has been suggested that such small cups and a pebble were an ancient form of mortar and pestle for grinding what?
16. Alternatively, chop the nuts very finely, add the garlic and use a pestle and mortar to grind them down.
17. The handle is squared and flattened at the end which could mean that it was used as a pestle for grinding.
18. To keep the sound of pounding rice with a pestle to a minimum, Grandmother put a quilt under the mortar.
19. Some hours later, out she went again, flying in her mortar and rowing it with the pestle.
20. A woman in Bhubaneswar , India, prepares to grind red mineral pigment on a stone pestle.
21. Some animals like horses, some rivers, and even some implements ( like mortar and pestle ) were deified.
22. He ground the rock candy with a mortar and pestle.
23. A grandchildren says: " This meter comes out joint of bones of pestle rice. "
24. He ground the spices himself with a mortar and pestle.
25. The composing of a dental amalgam by mortar and pestle.
26. The pellet with the poison's in the vessel with the pestle?
27. Grind the roasted seeds into powder using a mortar and pestle or a coffee grinder.
28. Place the lemon juice, flaxseed oil, egg, maidenhair and ginseng in the mortar, and grind with the pestle until the potion is gooey.
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