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Unctuous in a sentence

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Sentence count:23+2 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-01-19Updated:2017-01-19
Synonym: butteryfulsomeoilyoleaginoussmarmysoapySimilar words: virtuoussumptuousvoluptuoustempestuouscontemptuouspresumptuouscontemptuouslypunctiliousMeaning: ['ʌŋktʃʊəs] adj. unpleasantly and excessively suave or ingratiating in manner or speech. random good picture
1. He speaks in unctuous tones.
2. More subtly there is the unctuous sadism of money and of social rank.
3. Dave is genuinely friendly without being unctuous.
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4. Rather, it was a way of rejecting unctuous, masochistic denial - which might narrow his perspectives.
5. He made an unctuous assurance.
6. He is aggressive towards me and unctuous towards David.
7. The fat man loudly prattled unctuous apologies.
8. Unctuous. Term applied to wines which are smooth, soft and full on the palate.
9. Unctuous ripe red fruit aromas intermingle with hints of freshly ground coffee beans and mocha.
10. Unctuous but vivacious in the mouth.
11. He was most unctuous and pleading.
12. Palate Unctuous and dense, with the pear , floral and orange flavours riding a keen acidity.
13. It was unctuous, false, and unwholesome, like the man.
14. Sauternes are often delicious, golden, unctuous and delicate. The famous roasted note comes when Sauternes is a little bit older.
15. Far from being unctuous Pat was always loath to appear acquiescent.
16. Goose fat gives the most unctuous flavour but you can use chicken fat.
17. An unctuous clergyman who had not known Sam intoned religious platitudes.
18. Her unctuous tones are disgusting.
19. Out of that situation came his humorous movements and asides, always in a distinctive, unctuous, throwaway voice.
20. Beyond that, it promises to provide a weekly primer on dopey and unctuous behavior among upscale hillbillies who dress well.
21. He seemed anxious to please, but not in an unctuous way.
22. General Pecken roused himself after a moment with an unctuous and benignant smile.
23. Flavors of plum compote, spice, green tea, and cocoa are the introduction to this wine as velvety, unctuous tannins blend with a juicy, naturally balanced mid-palate of complex structure.
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