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Peseta in a sentence

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Sentence count:25Posted:2017-09-07Updated:2017-09-07
Similar words: typesettertypesettingbesetresetuse taxpresetset aboutclose-setMeaning: n. formerly the basic unit of money in Spain; equal to 100 centimos. 
1, I want to change my dollars into pesetas what is the exchange rate?
2, He took 15,000 pesetas off me and said he'd come to my apartment later that evening.
3, The stronger peseta helps limit inflation by keeping down the price of imports.
4, External capital flowed in, attracted by the strong peseta and lax controls.
5, The peseta is devalued by 5 percent.
6, We had a purse with some pesetas in, so we could buy the petrol to get us down to her.
7, It means cheaper imports, more pesetas for the pound, a stronger feelgood factor.
8, Bankinter shares dropped 50 pesetas to 12,[] 460 on the Madrid Stock Exchange.
9, Banesto shares rose 1 peseta to 827 pesetas a share after the release of the earnings report.
10, But new developments will be priced in pesetas.
11, If Spain still had its old currency, the peseta, it could remedy that problem quickly through devaluation — by, say, reducing the value of a peseta by 20 percent against other European currencies.
12, The Peseta, Franc, Drachmar etc have been phased out, Euros is now the currency of most major European countries.
13, In 1995 pretax profit fell 6. 51 percent to 21. 97 billion pesetas.
14, Profit per share is expected to be 392. 38 pesetas, up from 322. 68 the previous year.
15, That helped to boost operating revenue 8. 2 percent, to 221. 66 billion pesetas.
16, Iberdrola has paid its shareholders a dividend of 61. 25 pesetas per share each year for the past three years.
17, General operating expenses, including salaries and pension contributions, grew 3. 4 percent, to 92. 927 billion pesetas.
18, During the year the bank actually had 12. 18 billion pesetas in capital gains from its fixed-income portfolio.
19, Shares of Banco Santander, its majority owner, were up 20 pesetas at 6, 030 pesetas.
20, They are more likely, in fact, to buy cash pesetas, in order to hedge their put options.
21, The existence of the euro means that there are no George Soros-type speculators able to organise runs on the lira, peseta or drachma.
22, Just as nations developed differing languages, they also established various systems of money with a wide range of names: dollar, pound, crown, mark, franc, yen, peso, peseta, etc.
23, The old man stood up, slowly counted the saucers, took a leather coin purse from his pocket and paid for the drinks, leaving half a peseta tip.
24, Yes, it's goodbye to the franc, the mark, drachma , peseta, lira and many of the other currencies which now confront visitors to Europe.
25, Two workers put the finishing touches on a monument to the Spanish peseta in southern Spain.
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